Basically, if there is no existence there is nothing, try to think if there is nothing at all, nothing existing, every  thing  blank, no you taking the thought, no world, no creature, nothing, it is a horrifying thought. Now, there  are  also  two basic things that give to existence,  namely,                    -LIFE .  Do not be confused, one may  say, life is existence, let me tell you life gives rise to existence and  hence, can not be the same, life, also has characteristics or behaviors that govern it, that is why it behaves differently with different individuals depending on the way they behave themselves. Secondly,
-LOVE. You see this factor has the power to give and  take the existence of something o someone that directly or indirectly depends on it. In the direct sense, someone can  die  gradually because of the insufficient love he or she is getting from someone they pour their whole love to, or the betrayal of that person. In the indirect sense, someone may live because of the help rendered to him or her by a kind person or persons.
This two factors will be dealt with properly as time goes on, but we need to know that existence is a gift, and every one deserves this wonderful gift, hence, we  should know how to treat others, because in every bit of thing we do, we are directly or indirectly gradually adding or subtracting the bits of existence from someone. Firstly, let us deal with the factor life.
Life has characters and responds to individuals depending on its principles. Due to your own behaviors or your insufficient understanding of life, you may have problems with your Relationships, Academics, Finances, Emotions, and Social well being. AS you should have known, we mostly deal relationship and emotion problems, so we would be discussing on the effect  of life on Relationships  and your Emotions.  Let us look at this story and extract  one of the lessons  we would be focusing on  shortly.
 (This is the story of Malis. Her other details are not disclosed) summarized.
Malis  as it seems was indeed in love with  john,  as she said, they were going to get married as soon as he  is  through with  the compulsory  long term training  that the organization he is working for made them all go through, this training was taking place in  Dallas, were he met his long time school friend who was a lady that had interest in him, but  he does not have any interest whatsoever for her  but was still tender to her  and was slightly avoiding her, later  this lady followed him  to new  York where Malis was unknowing to John, and finally when  John found out and asked why, she told  him all, but  he reassured  her like old times that  nothing was going to happen between them, and  even purposefully mentioned Malis  name  and told her he was getting married to to deter her, but she did not let go. She called  Malis and  lied to her that  she  was Johns former  girlfriend  and that they  still saw and went out in Dallas, and that she does not want to let  go of  him  now. Malis  was furious  and  tried confirming this from   john, but, the day  she  chose to go  the lady was, and the  first thing she heard as she tried to enter was  ‘am sorry  josin, I can not leave  Malis  now’- immediately, se angrily left, then he completed the sentence  by saying ‘ and  never’.  But  Malis  never   returned. And was sore to find out after five years  that  she  was  wrong  and had  missed the  love of her life, because, she is  unhappily married  to some one  else- ASSUMPTION. Yes, this   thing  can  kill, destroy, frustrate  relationships. This  is the first  lesson  we would be looking  at.