Issue of the day: Is it right for a lady to propose to or pursue a guy for a relationship?
There is a survey showing that the number of girls, lady, woman who take lead in pursuing boys, guys, men for a relationship is rapidly increasing, is this the right order  or is it a right? Do they show the right courage?  It has been proven that this set of people do this with full determination, that is, they can go as far as whatever it will take for them to get that guy, married man, even if it is their best  friend’s  guy. Some ladies, teenagers, guys spoke about what they know.
      MELISSA.   ‘……THAT is the main reason why I do not want to stay in campus, these girls can deal with you  if you try obstructing their path, I think taking it to the school authority would help, really!
  THOMAS.  ‘……. Look, seriously, it is not a big deal, those girls make it easier for some guys over here.
 SOLINN    ‘…… well, I think they are trying to air what’s silently killing them, and if they don’t hurt any one in the process? Fine!
According to survey also,  people  have  been hurt in the process, lives have also being threatened, relationships have also being broken and some students are affected academically, now, our advise to those involved is that , if they want to save their relationship, they should irrespective of what those ladies do, they should remain faithful and handle those ladies maturely so that those ladies would not threaten the lives of innocent  ladies. What do you think about  this ladies, are their actions justified or do you think they should be dealt with in what ever way?