Restoring a broken relationship

Restoring a broken relationship. Do you want to restore that relationship and it is proving difficult? Or you do not know how to? Or you are afraid of being rejected? Or you do not know what step to take? I am sure that by now you should have known this person very well by now, how he or she behaves, what they like, what they consider valuable, these are beautiful hints and only you can provide the answers to these puzzles, hence, why say it  is difficult. The way to solve this, Firstly, what resulted to the fight, who is involved, the reason for the fight. Generally, if you want to restore a relationship:
-          You know it doesn’t matter who is at fault, say sorry to initiate reconciliation.
-          It is good to be a good listener, say less and listen more, hence, understand their feelings, look out for their interest more.
-          Admit your own mistake.
-          Attack the problem not the person you  are trying to restore back to the relationship.
-          Cooperate with the person to bring about peace.
Specifically, in restoring relationship between people  who are dating:
-          Adding to what is stated  above, buy something that remains both of you of the beautiful relationship you both share and systematically give it to her/him through trusted third persons.
-          Have your friends  bring him/her  to a place you have arranged, a romantic setting where  you will inevitably  have contact with him/her  to initiate the  reconciliation.
-          Apologize and learn from the  mistake, and make sure it does not repeat again.
-          What kind of person is this person that you are trying to reconcile with, look in deeply on what he or she  really  likes, and what moves him or her, where he or she likes to go.
-                                  Take a step and do something like singing  or talking about him/her  publicly where you can state your  desire and acknowledging your faults, he or she must  be there or  you must make sure the person is   listening to your piece  some were.
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