The increased rate of divorce is a product of the current mentality of the people.


Yes, divorce is as a result of the present mentality of the people. Also, it will increase if the people’s mindset and adverse behaviors does not change. This option in marriage has blindfolded the parties involved and most times seen as an only factor of escaping from a broken relationship. What is the essence of marriage if we would gladly take a vow not to part and few years later see it as the only option to survival, then those who initiated it in a marriage are not ready for a commitment yet. If there is a change in behavior and pattern of settling disputes with an enhanced communication skills this adverse condition will reduce, and people removing divorce as an option, then marriages would be saved. Would you rather say that love is not an everlasting affection, that it renews itself with different people in different length of days?  It is not, a proof of this is the children produced in this process, this happening gives a silent support to the fact that love and the choice of marriage is an everlasting decision that should be respected. In a broken relationship, it is not the marriage that is broken but you, you and your spouse. This disobedience of natural law brings about all sort of adverse condition to the family, the children involved. If there is divorce, then there is no need for marriage at all. We should give ourselves an orderly life from the family, this would extend to the community, nation, even to the world at large and prevent further break down of laws and respect for laid down laws.