YOU.  Hello, do you know that for things to happen every individual or some individuals are necessary to make this happen. For changes to occur, for people to take a step, for that life to be saved, you have to be involved. The you am referring to is each and every one that had taken part or is involved in or is going to be involved in a process of change, and that includes you, unless you decide not to. There are three different ways you can cause a change or be used to cause a change, this ways are listed and explained briefly-
-If Life calls you.
-If Destiny calls you.
-If you call yourself to it.
IF LIFE CALLS YOU, you may or may not respond to it. Look at this example, a boy  coming back from school with his friend, and was being called by his uncle who that day has finally decided to give him the important advice he has been preparing for him which he intends to use and  help him change his life forever, but during and after the advise he is not interested or really attentive, but his friend got the message that acts as a turning point in his life, well, do not be surprised, because, that message was originally prepared for that friend by life indirectly, that was why he was there, this could be close to the work of destiny but  slightly different, you see, life itself takes pleasure in teaching  and preparing leaders but destiny gives it to you with or without your effort and it is ordained for you specially and you will get it. Here, this message is useful to him but he may not use it.
IF DESTINY CALLS YOU- if destiny calls you, your effort is not needed, you will get what it is bringing to you.
IF YOU CALL YOURSELF TO IT-you are inspired or motivated and go out to effect the change.
Do not be deceived, when life sees that you respect its laid down principals, it will respect you in turn. If you call yourself to effecting a change, then, respect and use the tools called FOCUS- THIS FIXES YOUR DREAMS ON YOUR MIND FOR CONTINUAL SOURCE OF POWER TO DRIVE THE DREAM. DETERMINATION-THIS ARE THE MUSCLES THAT ACTS ON THE IMPULSES AS THEY COME IN, AND MAKES USE OF ALL MEANS POSSIBLE TO GET THE DREAM ACTUALISED. These tools amongst others are what life expects you to use from its store, hence, you are showing respect to it, and your prospering is just a matter of time. Life still tests you on what you have taken from it with difficulties, challenges, obstacles, etc and, hence deducing if you are truly worth the prize. Here, you have to get more tools from its store to over this, like the UNRELENTING SPIRIT.  GOOD LUCK.