The mind is the most powerful tool in a being. You see, the source of what fuels you into action or that which limits you to nothing is actually originating from your mind. What goes on in the mind makes a person or destroys a person. That is why you have to guide what so ever that comes into your mind, because they all form to give you yourself. You see, the difference between you and the other person mostly is the mind, he that attains much, conquers, has being feed a lot with what we call 'The right food for the mind'. If you want to emerge as a great person, come out from a miserable life, grow rich, be academically sound or what ever, you just work on your mind, simple. You need to get the information that will grow your mind positively from the right sources.
Also, with the mind, the future is created. whatever it is that you want to bring to live, the best and reliable place to start is in your mind, imagine them, as you do, you will find yourself going to places that will help you bring that to accomplishment.
Never think less of yourself, because if you do, you are automatically limited, this is different from when people call you what they want to, because, the truth is that you are what you call yourself, your body, mentality, reforms itself to what you impose or see yourself to be with time.
Hence, be advised now to move with the right company, read the right or helpful books, articles, talk to the right people, and trust that inner mind of yours that fights against  your negatives, weakness, or other people's wrong and quick judgements.
Good luck!