A guy was saying that he had four girls around his neck and wants to get rid of them and he does not want to be rude and does not want to humiliate them, and if you were listening to him, sure you will feel sorry for him, and apart from this he is having trouble trying to establish his own relationship with the person he wants. Believe it or not, it is quite important to know how to make it clear to people you are not interested in that you are not interested in them without humiliating them, if you do not know how, it may destroy your relationship with the person you want, may make you accept a relationship you do not want, may make you waste money, time, effort , you may even lose your happiness.
Therefore, there are ways to curtail this disturbance, and also get rid of it. Firstly, if this person is quite close to you and to your friends and is bugging you, since this person is close, why not  let your other friends know about this in the person’s absence, and you all plan together to talk to him or her with love and care, and here your friends will be helping. Then, in a planned meeting to let the person know your state of mind, you let your friends do a partially friendly introductory talk that will be addressed to the person, making him or her know the reason of the gathering was for him or her, then you should then take over the talk, stating kindly that you care for her, assuming this was a lady, and then telling her that the gathering was to let her know that he cannot allow the relationship she is trying to initiate, IT SHOULD BE NOTED THAT IT IS IMMPORYANT TO USE THIS MEDIUM IF YOU ARE IN A RELATIONSHIP WITH SOMEONE, OR PLANNING TO BE IN ONE, SO THAT YOU WOULD NOT LEAVE ROOM TO ASSUMPTIONS IN THE MIND OF YOUR  PARTNER  OR YOU  TALK TO YOUR PARTNER FIRST THAT YOU WANT TO CONFRONT THIS OTHER PERSON TO GET RID OF HER DISTURBING. IF THIS IS NOT THE CASE, IT IS ADVISABLE TO USE THE AID OF YOUR FRIENDS.
It is important to settle this, and let your partner know about the other persons advances, and , hence, save your relationship or happily create a new one without fear. From research, it is advisable to let the person you intend entering a relationship with  know all your dark past, than for them finding out themselves of some ugly secret you are trying to keep from them so that they can decide dating you or giving you time, than for this to totally destroy the relationship.