Tell now and live tomorrow.


Yes, people, it is very true. Imagine, you met this person today, got to know him better some few weeks later, and it is advancing into a good relationship. But, you have a past, a past that may destroy your present relationship, or the characters from the past can show up to claim you to them and hence, cause a major problem for you. Why allow the past to destroy your present. The solution is simple. Tell it now, at the very beginning of something new, let them all know, so they won’t mock you because of it tomorrow. Sweet heart, it is very important, forget the shame it may bring, because, along with the shame, it will surly bring a healing to you.
Most couples, friends, end up relationships that should have being managed in the right way from the very beginning. Look at this individual, LINDA CRUSS.  She got herself involved in relationships in a tender age that got complicated. As a result of this many relationships, she got pregnant twice, and now, she has two young boys. Later, she met Rolins in Britain, they loved each other, but, due to the fact that she had being rejected by those that had heard of her story, and  they had refused to marry her,  because, they do not want to be responsible for the kids. For this sake, she did not tell Rolins, and she did not also tell her mum who is taking care of her kids that she will be getting married to Rolins in two weeks after their relationship that was three years old. She wanted to secure him before he gets to her any thing deep about her, and she would try her best to suppress the story to make it work. Her mum visited three days before the wedding date, and that led to the end of the relationship, Rolins did not give her any chance for explanations.
No one would want to lose a beautiful relationship; also, no one would like to be lied to, deceived, and kept in the dark in any relationship. Take care.