Little things are big in the inside.

Everything that exists has a formation. Formation, which mostly begins small, that, is the start, if there is no starting of something, then there will not be a development of that thing. What I am actually saying is that, little things add up together to create bigger things, pictures, growth, progress etc. So we are advised to start from the very beginning to set something right or start the creation of something that will surely have great height of advancement.
Likewise, in a relationship, one has to consider little things that may be shifted aside as nothing, because, these ‘nothing’ may someday create something that you may worry about. Human beings differ, hence, you have to look into those little things they consider as important or what you feel from experience with them that they consider important, so that you can carefully progress to great heights with them. Not everyone think sending flower periodically is lovely, but, some do think it matters. To some, if you gradually reduce the rate at which you call them, they will feel you are losing interest in them, whereas you are still okay with them. This is the reason why understanding is needed, with this you will often hear, ‘he knows me, and with him I don’t have to explain myself’. Remember to celebrate periodic events like birthday of love ones, this will make them feel special, loved. A little encouragement, motivation, comment, show of care that you may think this person can do without, he looks strong, You don’t know if that may be his last source of strength to move on, to press on, to believe in himself, to take that big step. Always make sure you are giving out words of encouragement, kind comments, even though they do not seem to make any change at that moment. Sometimes, it is not easy to tolerate, some people may not have the patience, but, this is a process that causes a difference in some one’s live with your name permanently stamped as the cause of the change. The beautiful thing is that, in turn, other lives are transformed by this person you just helped, that is how it grows.
When someone knows you are careful about little things and that you pay attention to every detail of his or her life, they value you, and tell you a lot of things they do not share with other people, you become special, and they listen to what you have to say even when they don’t listen to others.  Choose from today to make someone feel special, it is essential in relationships, don’t ignore it.