Time does wonders, brings about change, brings thing, takes away things, changes power, etc. I really think you should understand that, in truth, time does not actually exist. But a certain pattern of orderliness was considered to be employed by man and given a name, in truth, what time is, really, is  systematic patience that brings about order and makes discipline possible concerning things that are done; it is created by man.  Time has been employed in different forms depending on the issue talked about, the seasons, the number of days, as a virtue (patience), in counting, that forms the bases of basic and complex body of knowledge etc.
The realization of all things depends on a lot of things including time, and also, time should be approached carefully because different factors affect time. It is good that we look into the factors and their effects time.
As set, time is constant, it does not vary today and then tomorrow. Looking at our daily lives, time some times seem to vary in its pace, unknowing to us, it is our state of mind that causes this change. Imagine, if you are in a hurry to leave a place, time will seem very slow. If you want to be with someone for the whole day, or continue doing something you found out you really love, time will seem very fast. So, I will advise that when impatient about something and it seems not to be coming fast, we should remember that we are no longer operating or in favor of the normal time rate. 
Time helps us to measure the degree or amount of change that has taken place. It makes it easier for us to record our progress, to refer back to our past, to properly describe our memories.
We know this is an enemy for the proper use of time, it prolongs the proper use of time to set things in order. We find ourselves procrastinating when we do not have effective plan and enough zeal to carry out what we want to do.
Time does not really exist in itself, but have been creatively created by man in order to achieve orderliness. So let us use it effectively as it was made for.