Anger is a blindfolder.

ANGER steals conscience, also, most times, the ability to think straight, the ability to judge right are stolen away by anger. Anger has destroyed a lot of relationships, and is still doing so. If you know what anger can do to you, if you know that anger can end what is not supposed to end? Can part you from someone special, can part you from your divine destiny.  Example, a little misunderstanding that usually reoccurs, and in fact, your friend is not guilty, but you don’t know.  Also, because this misunderstanding reoccurs itself in different means you don’t just believe what ever he says again, furious; you ignite his anger by yours since he is tired of explaining.  And now, assuming you had lingered a little, just a little, you would have known the truth, the due time for the truth is set, but no, you’ve lost him. Sorry.  Was anger to blame?
Everyone come around times when they are angry voluntarily or involuntarily, but the ability to control it is what matters. These are mini –wars that we face, it is a kind of war that peace negotiations would be advised, and depending on what caused it, we should be careful not to lose a lot. There are different ways to subside anger, why not just leave the scene, and immediately try doing something that you have known through experience helps pacify your anger. Like listening to soft music, being with friends to relax, watching funny videos, etc trust me, you would be glad you toke the choice, even if the person that got you angry was guilty.
Anger is not a choice, it does not solve any thing, and it complicates things. If you are angry for the misbehavior of your child, that is quite a different case, but it should still be kept under control. It has been discovered that some parents are responsible for some irreversible injury, break up from families by children, also causing great physical disorders through untamed anger. You see, anger takes away your sensibility; it takes away reality from you and brings it back when you are cooled. It can prompt you to do tremendous stupidity mostly through violence. It is not a friend to good relationships neither is it required in it. Although we are carried into it unconsciously, irrespective of that, when we are inside it we know, for the seek of your future plans, tame it. You may need that person at a time when you can’t access him or her as a result of anger produced break up. Do not let it deprive you of future happiness, take care.