You become what you think.

I am sure this saying is not new to us, "we are what we think or become what we think. I am going to confirm that. You see, what we dwell on most times, or our constant thoughts defines us. If you want to tell what you like most, do a recalling on your constant thoughts
 If you want or desire a change in your live, start from your thoughts, because, that is where our tomorrow is formed. If you are following closely,  I said something about imagination in one of my posts; it's usefulness,  it's effects,  etc. This is closely linked to it because your thoughts form your imaginations, and your imaginations make up mostly of your tomorrow.  Nevertheless,thoughts could be positive or negative, and often destroy you if you dwell on it from the negative side, and can help you, if it is positively charged. On the other hand, imaginations mostly are things you desire, but irrespective of that, they both tend to appear in or affect your future. They  do not just jumb into your future, you will go out and do those things you have been keeping in your mind for a long time or for a short time depending on what it is. Furthermore,  I will like to assure those who have dreams and lack the ability to achieve them or have weaknesses that hinders the accomplishment of those dream, that if they keep dwelling on that thoughts and dream, the likelihood of it appearing is high. So quit the thoughts that pictures you low, it is better to immediately start forming imaginations that pictures you high for you to escape that pit. You may ask why, the reason is, the moment you decide or call yourself a loser apart from others calling you that, and you picture yourself to be one, my dear, am sorry to tell you that you are one. But I  would  not like to call you that, and of course,  I know you do not want that, so change it now. It is one of the easiest thing to do in life, just sit down and control your world.
Do not think I am sounding unrealistic, because the reality is that, the designer and builder of your life is you. And you can also be it's destroyer. To build a house, you need several materials. You need to firstly lay the foundation,  your thoughts,  imaginations are your life's building outline and foundation,  if it is faulty, you will be faulty. After you have laid the foundation, which are dreams in form of imaginations,  you consciously or unconsciously go out to do whatever it takes to achieve it. So, your thoughts are a review of who you are, if one can cut open to see within the inside being of someone, and view his thoughts,  quickly, he or she can understand the kind of person he is. This thoughts,  are hidden inside of us, because it is what makes us, and those things that makes us come from within. Thoughts /Imaginations- words-
Actions-Our life as a whole.
So, do you want to make a change today? So that your live is exactly what you want it to be. I encourage you to do so. Just in case you need to contact me for help, get in touch with me through my email  Thank you.