Love yourself for who you are.

Love yourself for who you are.
 why do you allow your thoughts limit you. Most people are the real enemies of themselves,  even when there have all it takes or the medium through which they can get to have what it takes comes their way, they here this little voice within them say," you see this? I can't do it. Believe me friend, even if you were made to solve that problem,  the person may even die without solving it. To be who you are meant to be,  you must love yourself first, not an enemy instead, by discouraging yourself,  you are becoming an enemy to yourself.  Who are those people that you see and get shy? They did not give you your actual potential,  infact, you are there for them, so that they can be blessed from what you can offer. Try speaking up even when you are afraid,  if fear arises and you know what you have to say is essential,  first convince yourself  to be able to recover your confidence before you can stand to convince others boldly. If you love yourself for who you are,  you will love what your being produces,  correct the areas you have flaws, practice to be perfect ,even if you are so lazy and know that you would advise a friend in your shoes to be determined,  of course you will quit been lazy if you love yourself,  and you will give yourself the opportunity to be a great person by opening up your views in matters, even if your audience  views your comments as nonsense,  with time, they will know your worth.
What emanates from the inside often times dominates, or creates what becomes on the outside.  Have you been called things you are not? Underestimated?  Laugh it all out,  because,  were you are is as a result of what you wanted yourself. See, no one has the capacity to position you, unless you allow it. What you call yourself is what you are, if you have not seen yourself were you want, check out, you're the cause,  not that person. Love yourself,  believe in yourself,  create your world, I mean,  create what you want with your imaginations, and work towards,  as I have said before,  the imagination of the heart, which consists of what are in your mind, are the bedrock of things that exist. Creators,  from big to small ones made use of imaginations to determine what they want and how they want it. Never settle for less than you want. 
Tips on how to love yourself more, and be yourself are as follows :
-Remember,  to succeed in life, there are qualities you need,  have the spirit of determination, please, focus on your inward gifts, potentials.
-Believe in those potentials
-Air your potential, use them for humanity 
-Improve them
-Do not keep negative companies,  so as to grow 
-work  hard to improve your potentials
-Lift other people as you go on in live.
In terms of relationship,  be with whom you love. Do not compromise,  do not settle for less than love, no matter the circumstances.  Hence, even in pain, hardship, you will happy, and that shows you love yourself indeed.
In education,  if you are not okay with your grade, if you love yourself,  you will move with the right company,  do the right things to improve, those that hate themselves unknowing to them let bad names be attached to them without bothering about.  You won't want that for someone else, then don't take it, don't be the Enemy of yourself. 
Finanlly,to love yourself is the number one factor that will determine if you will in the future be okay, or be happy, or be fulfilled.  It could be tiring, hard to the core, even risky in some situations,  but to be truly who you want to be, Love yourself.