Sex, the base of relationships?


Who said sex can fill the gaps that is needed in a relationship. Why confuse the function of sex in a relationship, it does not heal the wounds in relationships, it does not create real relationships, it does not keep a relationship,  it does not tell if someone is true to you. It only satisfies a need. I read a post by someone, she was asking if it was okay to have sex with her new boyfriend, cause, it is just fresh.  The truth of the matter is sex should be removed totally,  and replaced later after marriage. If you find yourself thinking, " this lady is not just serious ", then believe me, you are heading the wrong way in terms of maintaining your relationship. Love is not sex.

Lust is acting within you no matter how you want to paint it. Ask why relationships of the recent times often break even before they begin? The foundation is the problem. Believe me, when you think less of sex and more of the person as a personality to know, with time, you will find out why she acts the way she does, why he dislikes and likes this and that, what he's action will be on that issue, what her response will be, you see clearly to correct flaws of the other person and, you will be able to understand the in depth chains, pain, bitterness suppressing him or her. And as Time goes on, he or she won't be able to do without you. You will know the right time to approach,  what to present,  cause you're sure it will appeal, and what words to use in conversations and how to settle stormy times, this things you don't find them in having sex or when sex is set in fore front, don't ask any more why relationships break, why divorce is appealing now, why it is easy to recite the vows of marriage and kick it away weeks later with advancing kick styles. Yes I  say it is a recitation,because that is what the world want to turn it into.

When you jump the gun in relationships,  you will fall, because,  vital primary steps have been left out. And the consequences will surface.  I  am not saying all those who went through it rightly don't have problems,  but, they will know themselves too well to be able to settle it, unless pride sets in, or a deliberate want to end the relationship. We should think of what's going on in the relationships of the recent year, sex, been one of the factors of its fall, should be looked at closely. In this medium, a lady or a guy could boost of having 15 girlfriends or 10 boyfriends in a year, well, that is as a result of not being serious to look for the answers to true love, and playfully,  this has extended into the marriage life, where couples divorce,  re- marry and re-marry and goes on, till he begins to boost about it. Have we lost it? No, the truth is till within us. Both with too much beclouding the reasoning of people,  patterns, way of life, they may not get it . wouldn't want a situation where by a marriage that lasts up to three years will get unbelievable glare from people. Let us do things right to get the right result. Not putting lust in first and expecting to find love in the air. 

Conclusively,  ask yourself the question,  do you really want a long lasting relationship. Even if it is hard, you have to avoid setting sex at the fore front. Do not replace love to be sex. You may even get tired of it later in marriage, as I have heard some say. Once again, love is not sex.