Tuesday, August 18, 2015



YOU.  Hello, do you know that for things to happen every individual or some individuals are necessary to make this happen. For changes to occur, for people to take a step, for that life to be saved, you have to be involved. The you am referring to is each and every one that had taken part or is involved in or is going to be involved in a process of change, and that includes you, unless you decide not to. There are three different ways you can cause a change or be used to cause a change, this ways are listed and explained briefly-
-If Life calls you.
-If Destiny calls you.
-If you call yourself to it.
IF LIFE CALLS YOU, you may or may not respond to it. Look at this example, a boy  coming back from school with his friend, and was being called by his uncle who that day has finally decided to give him the important advice he has been preparing for him which he intends to use and  help him change his life forever, but during and after the advise he is not interested or really attentive, but his friend got the message that acts as a turning point in his life, well, do not be surprised, because, that message was originally prepared for that friend by life indirectly, that was why he was there, this could be close to the work of destiny but  slightly different, you see, life itself takes pleasure in teaching  and preparing leaders but destiny gives it to you with or without your effort and it is ordained for you specially and you will get it. Here, this message is useful to him but he may not use it.
IF DESTINY CALLS YOU- if destiny calls you, your effort is not needed, you will get what it is bringing to you.
IF YOU CALL YOURSELF TO IT-you are inspired or motivated and go out to effect the change.
Do not be deceived, when life sees that you respect its laid down principals, it will respect you in turn. If you call yourself to effecting a change, then, respect and use the tools called FOCUS- THIS FIXES YOUR DREAMS ON YOUR MIND FOR CONTINUAL SOURCE OF POWER TO DRIVE THE DREAM. DETERMINATION-THIS ARE THE MUSCLES THAT ACTS ON THE IMPULSES AS THEY COME IN, AND MAKES USE OF ALL MEANS POSSIBLE TO GET THE DREAM ACTUALISED. These tools amongst others are what life expects you to use from its store, hence, you are showing respect to it, and your prospering is just a matter of time. Life still tests you on what you have taken from it with difficulties, challenges, obstacles, etc and, hence deducing if you are truly worth the prize. Here, you have to get more tools from its store to over this, like the UNRELENTING SPIRIT.  GOOD LUCK.

The increased rate of divorce is a product of the current mentality of the people.


Yes, divorce is as a result of the present mentality of the people. Also, it will increase if the people’s mindset and adverse behaviors does not change. This option in marriage has blindfolded the parties involved and most times seen as an only factor of escaping from a broken relationship. What is the essence of marriage if we would gladly take a vow not to part and few years later see it as the only option to survival, then those who initiated it in a marriage are not ready for a commitment yet. If there is a change in behavior and pattern of settling disputes with an enhanced communication skills this adverse condition will reduce, and people removing divorce as an option, then marriages would be saved. Would you rather say that love is not an everlasting affection, that it renews itself with different people in different length of days?  It is not, a proof of this is the children produced in this process, this happening gives a silent support to the fact that love and the choice of marriage is an everlasting decision that should be respected. In a broken relationship, it is not the marriage that is broken but you, you and your spouse. This disobedience of natural law brings about all sort of adverse condition to the family, the children involved. If there is divorce, then there is no need for marriage at all. We should give ourselves an orderly life from the family, this would extend to the community, nation, even to the world at large and prevent further break down of laws and respect for laid down laws.

Imagination is the start of creation.


Every thing that exists today started existing in imaginations, imaginations is the start of creation, if you have an idea, plan, dream, want, etc; it only becomes reality when it has a foundation of imagination. You see, when you imagine yourself doing what you like and you have no resources yet to get yourself to the point you are in your state of imagination, just calm down cause that imagination is a driving force that drives you to where you can get bit by bit to the point you are in your imagination.
 It is important to know that you become what you imagine, and that you can improve through imagination, using your mind(as it is the foundation for creating imaginations), you daydream, and as you do continually, it intensifies, you will find yourself pushing towards it, if not, then change your environment, friends, believes etc.
You should know that you are your imaginations, that is, what you imagine most times apart from your desires are actually your make up, this  are most times actually indicating your destiny- your daydreams of singing in a large sophisticated gathering, another’s daydreams of drawing skillfully, from your inside, your being reveals itself through imaginations( that is why you can easily tell what you want to become through this medium) and you find yourself pushing through to get it out, to unleash your full potentials. This is why you become miserable when you do things that are not what you love from inside, or you find yourself striving. Believe it or not, when you have a constant imagination of something, it is bound to surface sooner or later. One thing about imaginations is that it is bound to happen, unless there would not be need for imaginations- they are for the start of something new, something that has not existed before, even if it is you becoming what you want to be, it is something new. Desires that is from your inside, apart from lust, have a greater possibility of coming into reality, the latter, lust, are mostly achieved with your effort.
If you find yourself dull in academics, or you are not doing well in your sport practice, or you are not okay with your behavior, what ever it is that you are struggling with, begin changing it with your imaginations, good thing is that, the design of who you want to be is solely dependant on you. Begin changing your live today for the better. Good Luck.