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Females; not less, but equal in worth. ( #stateofwomen)

In the beginning,  the first woman was made from the man and not with materials lesser in quality from that of the man, but from the man. Hence, we have the same materials but with an extra characteristics.  This characteristics in addition with what we have gotten from the man makes us very important,  yet we do not displace them in worth, neither do they displace us in worth. Worth itself says we are equally important,  no gender been less than the other. Even though the world from the onset of time had positioned women as less, we are correcting that in agreement with nature saying,  without us the human race is as good as gone. The women have paid all debts regarding being made first from men by  taking over and producing new men and women, and we are developers.
No one can stand and say that those who help to sustain life are in any way less. You see, men and women both play a vital role in ensuring that the human race is kept. Hence if you take away the females, the human race …

Let it go for a change ~ Black Americans.

This thing that has been in my heart.... It stayed there boiling. It was an observation, an observation that I did not know how to let out. But that day came..... and past. That day came when I was triggered to say my mind. Our professor led the discussion, and I had to say my mind. Is it a big deal? Well, yes it is. Black Americans have fought this battle for so long, and are still fighting. And, it just seem like the battle is never going to end. Why would you treat me this way? I am an American Citizen too! Why are we not getting our full rights? And so on.... Yes, I do not totally disagree with a fellow when he said that, " we still see discrimination here and there....." Even though they may be right in some way, one thing the black American citizens need to know is that, this problem will live as long as they hold on to the mentality that they are been treated less, because with this mentality, they will view a normal reprimand as one directed due to discrimination,…

Achiever Mel. Your Thinking Process.

"Well, If I can see your thoughts and imaginations, I will know who you are and where you are heading in life"

            -Marrian Lemeh.
Happy mothers day! Our mothers show a true and deep love for us all! Let's celebrate them!

If  I came into this world, I must have been brought in through a mother.

If I survived, my mother must have played a major role.

If  I lived happily,  my mother must have contributed to that.

She gave a lot of time and years. Today is to celebrate her, but my love will remain for her all through my life!

Happy  mothers day!

Do not compromise.

Yes, the world is going through a global change. Indeed, we have seen positive outcomes, inevitable negative set-ins. The earth, being a constant that has watched the transition in men; it has indeed seen the wisdom and cowardice of men that lived in it, and is still viewing from a state of rest. From the onset of time, truth has established the world. Truth has led to the discoveries of things that existed, that was once unknown to us. And Truth had been patient enough to watch men as they try to understand things that existed before them and in the process, call it what they like. It has been patient till men came to the real understanding of their discoveries and amended their first misinterpretation. Truth, though powerful, teaches you ever so slowly and yet without an audible voice, speaks volumes. Even though truth is fundamental to all things, some men and women have decided to cut it to their satisfaction, and have denatured themselves, and hence created their versions of lif…

Never Give Up (Award Nominated Short Film) [Motivational Video]

Good morning people! Have you ever felt like giving up? Well you should know that it's only those who persist that knows that, great heights can not cost less as easy things do. You can make it. Just believe it.

film from

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