Friday, May 13, 2016

Females; not less, but equal in worth. ( #stateofwomen)

In the beginning,  the first woman was made from the man and not with materials lesser in quality from that of the man, but from the man. Hence, we have the same materials but with an extra characteristics.  This characteristics in addition with what we have gotten from the man makes us very important,  yet we do not displace them in worth, neither do they displace us in worth. Worth itself says we are equally important,  no gender been less than the other. Even though the world from the onset of time had positioned women as less, we are correcting that in agreement with nature saying,  without us the human race is as good as gone. The women have paid all debts regarding being made first from men by  taking over and producing new men and women, and we are developers.

No one can stand and say that those who help to sustain life are in any way less. You see, men and women both play a vital role in ensuring that the human race is kept. Hence if you take away the females, the human race is doomed. Then why say women should be treated less. In rights we  should have same privilege, in opportunities, we should have same privilege,  in payment, we should have same privilege,  because we together with men ensured the existence of our race, no gender is less. We are not saying that men should not be bread winners, what we are saying is that, when we contribute in areas where men contribute equally,  we should be treated equally if we quality just as they did.

We all know that the first man played a role in our creation from the onset of time. Now nature is trying to teach us that we are equal, because irrespective of that fact, the women now have been given the role in ensuring the continuous existence of the men that once aided their creation. Hence, their gender that first aided our existence and our gender that aids their continuous existence, we are equally important, and should be treated equally. And this is achieved by giving us equal opportunities. Let us learn from nature, there is no argument here, and no respect is lost in this process.

We, the females, are developers. From the basic unit of the society,  from the family,  we ensure the smooth running of the home, like the men, directly or indirectly.  In the communities,  we are needed, and our wisdom establishes. In the society at large,  extending to the nations,  we have important roles to play.  The capacity of our brains is not less compared to that of the males. Our emotional character is not a disadvantage. Rather, our emotional character gives us an alert and sensitive nature, and we are able to discern what men can not. We have aided in the development of our various countries.  If we had not played our assumed roles as only house wifes, the men would not have gone far with their plans. Today, we have decided to stand in our true worth, in our totality, and we want to be awarded equally like the men are.

Sex or gender have never being a true standard measurement for worth. If we have decided to go the extra mile, it is because we can. We know we are equally important,  no compromising,  we hence demand equal rights,  privileges, payments and positions. We are who we are, we are the equal halves of men. We are women.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Let it go for a change ~ Black Americans.

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  This thing that has been in my heart.... It stayed there boiling. It was an observation, an observation that I did not know how to let out. But that day came..... and past. That day came when I was triggered to say my mind. Our professor led the discussion, and I had to say my mind. Is it a big deal? Well, yes it is. Black Americans have fought this battle for so long, and are still fighting. And, it just seem like the battle is never going to end. Why would you treat me this way? I am an American Citizen too! Why are we not getting our full rights? And so on.... Yes, I do not totally disagree with a fellow when he said that, " we still see discrimination here and there....." Even though they may be right in some way, one thing the black American citizens need to know is that, this problem will live as long as they hold on to the mentality that they are been treated less, because with this mentality, they will view a normal reprimand as one directed due to discrimination, and in the process continue to remind the whites that they are blacks, and it will be depressing.

  Using a scenario, in almost every family, a child or some children could be considered the best by other children because they do really well and mommy or daddy love them more than the rest. This mentality, could build up in the mind of those kids who think that they are not loved as much. This will definitely be disturbing as these kids will or may never perform well by looking down on themselves. Until they let go of this thought and strive to do better, be better, by seeing that the other kids are been praised because of their hard work, they may be forever doomed to demotion. Love yourself for who you are, color can not and has never been a measure of worth. By the time this beautiful creations know that they were been pronounced citizens and that they really have equal rights and quit remembering the past, then, then the black citizens will emerge in their true worth.

  The blacks constantly remind the whites that" I am black! AND THAT IS THE REASON YOU TREAT ME THIS WAY! EVEN IF THAT HAD NOT ACTUALLY CROSSED THE HEART OF THE WHITE AT THAT TIME. By indirectly reminding the whites this, they cause a recycle of what had been thrown into the bin. Really, if any black had worked hard, and walked into whatever place that held there promotion confidently, the chances are that they will get they request. This boils down again to my last post that, you are what you think, and will be treated the way you believe you are, because you will unconsciously act that way. So, let's help stop this recycling of the past.

  It is indeed depressing to be demoted, hence, let us help matters by not demoting ourselves first. If you truly know your worth, work in your worth irrespective of what. The surrounding does not define a person, it is the person that defines him or herself. When the surrounding is made to define a person, then doom is set at loose. We know how painful it had been. And I know it is high time we stop this for a better future!

Living has never been better than when you operate in the world you desire and be the person you truly are. When we do things in the right way, we get right results. Believe in positive change to be able to see it come. Remember, Color has never been a measuring tool for the worth of anything. If you live in self underestimation and pity, then you will be underestimated. Let's change the picture.

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Achiever Mel. Your Thinking Process.


"Well, If I can see your thoughts and imaginations, I will know who you are and where you are heading in life"

            -Marrian Lemeh.

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Happy mothers day! Our mothers show a true and deep love for us all! Let's celebrate them!

If  I came into this world, I must have been brought in through a mother.

If I survived, my mother must have played a major role.

If  I lived happily,  my mother must have contributed to that.

She gave a lot of time and years. Today is to celebrate her, but my love will remain for her all through my life!

Happy  mothers day!

Friday, May 6, 2016

#Do not compromise.

Yes, the world is going through a global change. Indeed, we have seen positive outcomes, inevitable negative set-ins. The earth, being a constant that has watched the transition in men; it has indeed seen the wisdom and cowardice of men that lived on it, and is still viewing from a state of rest. From the onset of time, truth has established the world. Truth has led to the discoveries of things that existed, that was once unknown to us. And Truth had been patient enough to watch men as they try to understand things that existed before them and in the process, call it what they like; it had been patient until men came to the real understanding of their discoveries and amended their first misinterpretation. Truth, though powerful, teaches you ever so slowly and yet without an audible voice, speak volumes. Even though truth is fundamental to all things, some men and women have decided to cut it to their satisfaction, and have denatured themselves, and have hence created their version of lifestyle.

Sorry to say, no matter the transition that keeps modifying the truth for some negative reasons. Set rules are always constant. Just as the constant in the maths algebra, and those in chemistry and physics theories, this already set rule for the world is constant. No matter what rules now and tomorrow, or who influences now and changes the norm; the only thing that went through a change is the mentality of the people in question, plus their group or those that went along. It is impossible to cut the truth. TRUTH CAN NOT BE REDUCED, YOU CAN ONLY SEAL IT TEMPORARILY. People tend to compromise because of money, or desire, or positions, what ever it may be. The constants of life will surly balance the equation. There are behaviors that drew certain things to people from the set rules of life, hence, do not compromise.

If any one compromises, and continues doing so, he or she will live with rules establish by him or her that contradicts that which is right. And they will be denatured. For example, people walk naked now on the street due to a compromised lifestyle in dressing, and believe me, they liken this to one of their greatest achievement in their lives, while that is a disgrace in truth. This means people are loosing themselves to degradation. They get an upside down mentality because their life is already compromised by they themselves. Soon...... Woman may start getting married to dogs, since gay marriage is approved; this is because when the normal truth has been cut short by people, they act in the reverse direction. Really, many have been denatured, look around you and see through a naked eye, not the one already tinted. And I tell you, It is a pity.

Why am I saying all this?  well, this is because it is the truth. And the truth begs no one, It only balance equations, and the result is been produced day in, and day out, directly and indirectly.  The version of lifestyle that is in use by most people today  dictates the life of others that decides to follow. (smiles....Forgive me, but, no one should dictate your life for you sweet heart, you own it all to yourself, and your actions tell of what you are now. Indeed, I will say, live positively, so that life will balance out a positive solution for you, you can not go wrong with that. And yet , it is an advice with love attached to it and not the contrary.

Do not let the changes of life define you. Life itself responds to what you do, work with it and not against it. Truth, can never go below itself. Live right and live more. You can do it, because you are to construct your life!

Never Give Up (Award Nominated Short Film) [Motivational Video]


Good morning people! Have you ever felt like giving up? Well you should know that it's only those who persist that knows that, great heights can not cost less as easy things do. You can make it. Just believe it.

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Capture That Films. Never give up ( Award Nominated Short Film) ( Motivational video.) online video clip. You Tube. You Tube 18, March, 2014. Web. 6, May, 2016.

Monday, May 2, 2016

Achiever Mel. Friendship for relationships.

Jessica is married, and I felt like having her share her experience briefly on how friendship before marriage has helped her in her marriage life!