Do not compromise.

Yes, the world is going through a global change. Indeed, we have seen positive outcomes, inevitable negative set-ins. The earth, being a constant that has watched the transition in men; it has indeed seen the wisdom and cowardice of men that lived in it, and is still viewing from a state of rest. From the onset of time, truth has established the world. Truth has led to the discoveries of things that existed, that was once unknown to us. And Truth had been patient enough to watch men as they try to understand things that existed before them and in the process, call it what they like. It has been patient till men came to the real understanding of their discoveries and amended their first misinterpretation. Truth, though powerful, teaches you ever so slowly and yet without an audible voice, speaks volumes. Even though truth is fundamental to all things, some men and women have decided to cut it to their satisfaction, and have denatured themselves, and hence created their versions of lifestyle and way of living.

Sorry to say, no matter the transition that keeps modifying the truth for some negative reasons. Set rules are always constant. Just as the constant in the maths algebra, and those in chemistry and physics theories, this already set rule for the world is constant. No matter what rules now and tomorrow, or who influences now and changes the norm; the only thing that went through a change is the mentality of the people in question, plus their group or those that went along. It is impossible to cut the truth. TRUTH CAN NOT BE REDUCED, YOU CAN ONLY SEAL IT TEMPORARILY. People tend to compromise because of money, or desire, or positions, what ever it may be. The constants of life will surly balance the equation. There are behaviors that drew certain things to people from the set rules of life, hence, do not compromise.

If any one compromises, and continues doing so, he or she will live with rules establish by him or her that contradicts that which is right. And they will be denatured. For example, people walk naked now on the street due to a compromised lifestyle in dressing, and believe me, they liken this to one of their greatest achievement in their lives, while that is a disgrace in truth. This means people are loosing themselves to degradation. They get an upside down mentality because their life is already compromised by they themselves. Soon...... Woman may start getting married to dogs, since gay marriage is approved; this is because when the normal truth has been cut short by people, they act in the reverse direction. Really, many have been denatured, look around you and see through a naked eye, not the one already tinted. And I tell you, It is a pity.

Why am I saying all this?  well, this is because it is the truth. And the truth begs no one, It only balance equations, and the result is been produced day in, and day out, directly and indirectly.  The version of lifestyle that is in use by most people today  dictates the life of others that decides to follow. (smiles....Forgive me, but, no one should dictate your life for you sweet heart, you own it all to yourself, and your actions tell of what you are now. Indeed, I will say, live positively, so that life will balance out a positive solution for you, you can not go wrong with that. And yet , it is an advice with love attached to it and not the contrary.

Do not let the changes of life define you. Life itself responds to what you do, work with it and not against it. Truth, can never go below itself. Live right and live more. You can do it, because you are to construct your life!