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Love and it's many faces.

Love, a major topic. Yes, Love is a major topic everywhere, some have misconceptions about it, some paint it the way they want, some design it to what fits them. All and the same, Love is one, yet with different faces. Love, has only one name, but reveals itself in different areas. It is found in the impeccable string that binds us with our creator, that, described as the ultimate love, it is found in the romantic ties, it is found in the bounds between friends, it is found in the undying intricate hold between a mother and a child, yeah the dads are unjustly considered passive in this area.

So, how would you define love. Yet, I would say love has not been given a perfect definition if it has all this faces yet one name. This is because, this different areas are largely unique. Would I have the definition to it then? I am more than certain to say that God is Love, because that is what the bible says. This doesn't include the rest of the earthy attachment kind of feeling. Then, th…