Monday, February 29, 2016

Great America.

Great America.

 One of the things I have always talked about, be it directly or indirectly is relationships. Our daily lives, and how well it goes largely depend on how we relate to things, people, situations, our believes etc. With this in mind, let's not narrow our view of the word 'Relationship' to be a word dealing with how two different genders create intimacy between themselves. America is a country held up high due to the transitions it was made to pass through. The things that had happened to it in the past that has brought it to this present is not all pleasant. It is a country that went through challenges, challenges that if we tell other countries to pass through, they will politely back away from. This challenges has or is the main factor why this country has an open access to things, secret of success hidden to other countries. No, I am not saying that problems bring success in all areas, but some problems that occur as challenges must be dealt with in order to get out a secret for success.Today, I sit back and admire where this country has gone, what it has achieved, the people it has, and the way their mentality work. With this, I pray it progresses and not fall.
I want to take you back to Abraham Lincoln. He's address, the Gettysburg Address. Yes, that address. The reason is because, I believe that if not totally, but in some way, that address will be helpful for Americans today. This address addresses the fact that as one people of America, every Citizen should live in one mindedness, as to agreement, and not fight one another or be a cause to that effect. Why am I saying all this, and why am I bringing in different or what seems to be different topics into this, one may ask. Well, I know that, being able to relate with people, situations will be helpful to sustain the America we view today. Also, if we look at Lincoln's speech about the people that died because of the slavery issues in this country then, and his call for unity, we should be able to apply the sole purpose of that speech, not the aspect of the slavery, but the aspect that calls every one together in one agreement, believing that all together as one citizen should unite to be able to take one same decision. And be able to see every citizen of America as an American whether he or she comes from Mexico, Brazil, Alabama, white or black etc. Be it southern or northern America not just one section of it, or one section of people. Little things we ignore, that actually become monomers, the basis of greater things should never be ignored, if you cherish a united country.
The reason why I say this today is because, I see people who are suppose to be leaders of a whole country indirectly and unknowing to them dividing the country. We have to value the make-up of our being, as the different body organs perform different functions that aids the whole functioning of the body. The same applies to a country, do not talk negatively about a part of you unless you don't want to stand. I see aspiring heads to be already criticizing, instead of handling issues with care, and relating with them in an appropriate way, that is why leaders evolve. It is better to correct your whole with love and good relationship so as to function well, and you avoid siding with one part and be against another part of what makes you a whole, because without them you are not totally complete.
With the right relationship, America at some stages of it's development has achieved success, let the leaders to be become aware of this and not break what is healing.

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Friday, February 19, 2016

See a problem differently and get a different solution.

In our day to day lives, we are faced with problems, difficulties, and so many other issues. There have been different institutions established to help people with advanced and minor problems. I would like to tell you that the ability to solve problems is directly proportional to the way you see the problem and the resources you have.  Some people give up on a problem without trying at all to solve it, some try solving it with a different pattern from another person. Seven different people could bring seven different approach to solving one problem,  and hence get different results. The way you view a problem will determine how you will approach it.

With different personalities, nature, mentality, maturity, different solutions emerge. When we are in relationship issues, family problems, we should as individuals, try to think of solutions not as it suits our personality, because,  it could be harsh to the other person involved. we should bring the positive and the negative possible outcomes of the decision, and evaluate them before taking it. Don't narrow your thoughts,  look at the future to come, how it will affect them, how will it portray me, is it fair, etc . We should take maximum care when trying to make decisions because they determine your future and in turn determine the future of your loved ones. When you make good decisions,  no matter how hard it is,  in the long run you will enjoy it.  When you give in to quick decision making or anger influenced or even decision due to excitement, you are bound to regret it later on. When angry, leave the scene to calm down,  do those things you know cools you, before engaging in making decisions. Also, I will encourage you to involve someone that is positive, someone more older than you, that seems to know,  because,  even in the cooled state, you may favor yourself, instead of giving in to the right decision.  When you are over excited,  please,  don't make heavy decisions, because,  they are mostly irrational. 

Decisions form our lives, we should take extra care before making them become  reality. With this in mind, we should look at a problem with a positive mindset that shows that we are bigger than the problems themselves. This is because we decide depending on our decision, if the problem should continue. With a calm head and an unbiased mind we will scale through. There exist different solutions to a problem, although some approaches are taken wrongly and will produce something negative. Hence let our thoughts be guided positively.