See a problem differently and get a different solution.

In our day to day lives, we are faced with problems, difficulties, and so many other issues. There have been different institutions established to help people with advanced and minor problems. I would like to tell you that the ability to solve problems is directly proportional to the way you see the problem and the resources you have.  Some people give up on a problem without trying at all to solve it, some try solving it with a different pattern from another person. Seven different individuals could bring seven different approach to solving one problem,  and hence get different results. The way you view a problem will determine how you will approach it.

With different personalities, nature, mentality, maturity, different solutions emerge. When we deal with relationship issues, family problems, we should as individuals, try to think of solutions not as it suits our personality, because it could be harsh to the other person involved. we should bring the positive and the negative possible outcomes of the decision, and evaluate them before taking it. Don't narrow your thoughts,  look at the future to come, how it will affect them, how will it portray you, is it fair, etc . Maximum care should be taken when trying to make decisions because they determine your future and in turn determine the future of your loved ones. When you make good decisions,  no matter how hard it is,  in the long run you will enjoy it.  When you give in to quick decision making, anger influenced or even decisions due to excitement, you are more likely to regret it later on. When angry, leave the scene to calm down,  do those things you know calms you before engaging in making decisions. Also, I will encourage you to involve someone that is positively minded. Someone more older than you, that knows more, because,  even in the calmed state, you may favor yourself, instead of giving in to the right decision.  When you are over excited,  please,  don't make heavy decisions, because, they are mostly irrational. 

Decisions form our lives, we should take extra care before making them become reality. With this in mind, we should look at a problem with a positive mindset that shows that we are bigger than the problems. This is because we decide depending on our decision, if the problem should continue. Heads cooled with unbiased minds, scaling through will be easier. There are different approaches to solving a problem, with some taken wrongly; producing something negative. Hence, let your thoughts be guided with a positive mindset and a matured heart.