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Fathers for strength and much more.

While still in the fathers day celebration. I will like to make a quick shout out to the fathers  because their worth to us is indeed beyond measure. We take pride in showing off their strength, character, patience and more. We can not talk of being complete without them. Hence we Celebrate them not only in the day set aside for fathers day!


The importance of communication in any relationship can never be over emphasized. Communication is so important so that our heart is not given away to assumptions. It should be known that roughly 80% of breaks in relationships are due to lack of effective communication, this happens when there are misunderstanding and a good platform is not made so that the individuals involved can address the issue with an open mind. Even though fulfilling your roles in a relationship is very important, if there is no effective communication the relationship could easily break because communication ensures that there is no assumption, it strengthens the bond between individuals in a relationship and it helps to ensure that feelings are understood.
When issues, problems arise in relationships, there is a tendency that the individuals involved will assume or make up stories in their mind if the real reasons for the problem is not communicated effectively to them by the other persons involved. There is…