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Freedom at its loose.

This one desire is cherished by everyone, every individual, small, great, even the little ones understand its value. You should be able to guess what this so desired thing is. Freedom, needs no definition, as it is able to define itself, it is the state of being free. It gives liberty to whom ever finds it or to whom it is granted. Even though freedom is looked at as a all round positive gain, it's product is directly dependent on whom it is granted. The gift of freedoom has brought about positive and more negative results today.

 Back in the ancient times when countries were yet taking its shape and evolving from kingdoms, trying to get their own identity, they fought for freedom. As the world advanced, we came to the  knowledge of the fact that authoritative governing can be fought against, but a government that will understand the rights of its citizens as humans as is required of life is upheld. In our homes today, the right to become who you want to become is given to differ…


Finding strength is very important, without which you may malfunction. It is required for each new levels in our life, it is required to be able to come out of misery. It is amazing how people easily fall into emotional distress easily. People tend to fear death less to be able to take their own lives, or intentionally get themselves to their point of death. Looking at the passive results of uncontrolled emotions, we find people who live miserable lives due to heavy mistakes, betrayal, or other negative past occurrences, even a disbelief in themselves. Such individuals can be found every where, and the strength for a prolonged life may come from you if you pay close attention to find such individuals.

Believe it or not, a word of encouragement, showing love to, or your care for someone could be the source of strength for that person at that time. Some individuals have decided not to go on with an irrational decisions that they planned to take due to the unexpected extra care of a fri…