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You need to watch these "testimonies of Christians"

These testimonies are true and are seriously engaging! You may want to rethink after watching!

Testimonies are powerful! For the Lord said, " and they overcame him by the blood of the lamb andby the word of their testimonies". Let the spirit of the Lord take over as you listen to the goodness of the Lord in these lives.

  Holy Spirit Inspired.

The Source Of True Beauty ( Lifestyle and Relationships)

Image source: Dove Models.

As serious as this is, it is almost disregarded, the consequence is rather threatening. What I am actually talking about is the indirect debate of the source of true beauty. Beauty is desired by all, admired by all, and at some point or in all points, employed by all! Beauty is positive, never connoting anything negative, now, that is where the problem lies. This is because our current society has bought the idea that beauty and all of it are sourced from physical adornment. There is one thing to be physically beautiful, and another thing to be internally beautiful. Having said that, I will quickly throw in that true beauty then is a combination of both the physical and internal ( character wise) beauty. Find out why I say this, and why having just one of these separate beauties is a tremendous problem in any relationship!

Relationships is an important and an inevitable part of life. When it comes to family relationships, the physical beauty is not totally o…

Dove Models.

Dove Models.
We are Mirrors.

Our bodies are temples, and are to be sacred. It should house the right spirit. Let your moderation be known, so that God can dwell in you.

Beauty is not found in costly apparel, accessories, hair arrangement, clothes, shoes, and lip wears. It is from within, from the inside.
So let your moderation be known to all men as joint heirs in Christ, and as children of an honourable king!
Philippians 4:5.

Slow Answers.

This is a vital message, as many Christians around the world struggle with finding the reasons why the answers to their prayers are delayed. In this video from Achiever  Mel, we discussed five important reasons why this happens. This will be helpful to many.

Are You A Christian?

Listen, it is needful, overly needful to ask this exact question. Especially in this wonderful time and generation, in this time when water and oil mix very well. What am I saying? I simply asked are you a Christian? Approximately 97% percent of total Christians will tell me confidently that they are Christians, while they are actually the "saved, but unsaved".  Let me explain, when you received Christ as the Lord and Saviour of your life, you are automatically and invisibly but realistically transformed into a light, one part of the bible calls you salt, as salts. Now you are totally different from the world. Your association with the world will and should by default transform others. You are not anymore made to follow after the world or be shaped by them or like them.

Look, do a random survey on 90% 0f Christians in your community to find potentially harmful and unclean songs in the song lists on their phone. Even you, yourself, could be very guilty. You may want to ask, …