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Love and it's many faces.

Love, a major topic. Yes, Love is a major topic everywhere, some have misconceptions about it, some paint it the way they want, some design it to what fits them. All and the same, Love is one, yet with different faces. Love, has only one name, but reveals itself in different areas. It is found in the impeccable string that binds us with our creator, that, described as the ultimate love, it is found in the romantic ties, it is found in the bounds between friends, it is found in the undying intricate hold between a mother and a child, yeah the dads are unjustly considered passive in this area.

So, how would you define love. Yet, I would say love has not been given a perfect definition if it has all this faces yet one name. This is because, this different areas are largely unique. Would I have the definition to it then? I am more than certain to say that God is Love, because that is what the bible says. This doesn't include the rest of the earthy attachment kind of feeling. Then, th…

Let My Result.

Go through this week with Confidence. Happy new week!

Love and Commitment.

It is one thing to Love and another to be committed to that love. This is applicable to all relationship types. Hence, we are prompted to ask if commitment is greater than love, since it can really sustain a relationship. Join me as I ask Prof. James Ford, Professor in English and philosophy,  few questions concerning this.

Voddie Baucham - Love and Marriage (Full Series:

I am so excited to introduce Voddie Baucham to you all. Trust me, everyone needs to hear what he has to say about Love and Marriage especially those intending to get married or planning to date. I have recommended his series a lot of times to many! He is good!

The Last Voice.

Now, let's assume you were right on a hot argument or after a long fight, silence broke out, and this silence from both sides was just an unconscious acknowledgment of you being right all this while. And then, you being in the spotlight, decided to re-emphasize your importance to them all, unknowing to you, pride sets in, and you unconsciously go beyond the topic in the bid to sell your  self importance to everyone; this is what I call the 'Last Voice'. Even though you may be thinking that, this scenario has nothing wrong with it, like, it's not bad to show off our self worth, I  will say that in this process, we should try to become careful, because if the level of pride we allow in us  is not controlled, fall, or falling will be the next phase, the relevant characters we have built could come crashing down before us, and our good aim to resolve issues could go unfinished. 
It is a known fact; even though it's process is rather slow, and could also come fast depe…

Divine Miracles

Become and remain outstanding by connecting constantly to the Divine source. And watch your life take shape with no or less struggles.

Happy weekend!

Marrian Lemeh.

In life, there's more.

In some points in our lives, we find ourselves focusing on some issues, allowing problems depress us, or succumbing to uncontrollable situations.  In either one of these we most times can not help ourselves.  The realisation of time wasted prompts some to say "life is too short to be wasted ...." and more. The question is, should one aspect of life make you forget or give less attention to other aspects of your life? Even though these problems that surface as mighty  can obstruct you in your course in life, other aspects of your life are very important and need attention just like the different specialization of cells in the body that work together to maintain you, if you magnify a problem  and focus on it, you will break down due to your neglect of the other areas of your life, you will lose focus and waste valuable time and opportunities. 
The rate of deaths caused by depression is on an increase. Depression could be caused by a variety of problems and when individuals ex…

Fathers for strength and much more.

While still in the fathers day celebration. I will like to make a quick shout out to the fathers  because their worth to us is indeed beyond measure. We take pride in showing off their strength, character, patience and more. We can not talk of being complete without them. Hence we Celebrate them not only in the day set aside for fathers day!


The importance of communication in any relationship can never be over emphasized. Communication is so important so that our heart is not given away to assumptions. It should be known that roughly 80% of breaks in relationships are due to lack of effective communication, this happens when there are misunderstanding and a good platform is not made so that the individuals involved can address the issue with an open mind. Even though fulfilling your roles in a relationship is very important, if there is no effective communication the relationship could easily break because communication ensures that there is no assumption, it strengthens the bond between individuals in a relationship and it helps to ensure that feelings are understood.
When issues, problems arise in relationships, there is a tendency that the individuals involved will assume or make up stories in their mind if the real reasons for the problem is not communicated effectively to them by the other persons involved. There is…

Females; not less, but equal in worth. ( #stateofwomen)

In the beginning,  the first woman was made from the man and not with materials lesser in quality from that of the man, but from the man. Hence, we have the same materials but with an extra characteristics.  This characteristics in addition with what we have gotten from the man makes us very important,  yet we do not displace them in worth, neither do they displace us in worth. Worth itself says we are equally important,  no gender been less than the other. Even though the world from the onset of time had positioned women as less, we are correcting that in agreement with nature saying,  without us the human race is as good as gone. The women have paid all debts regarding being made first from men by  taking over and producing new men and women, and we are developers.
No one can stand and say that those who help to sustain life are in any way less. You see, men and women both play a vital role in ensuring that the human race is kept. Hence if you take away the females, the human race …

Let it go for a change ~ Black Americans.

This thing that has been in my heart.... It stayed there boiling. It was an observation, an observation that I did not know how to let out. But that day came..... and past. That day came when I was triggered to say my mind. Our professor led the discussion, and I had to say my mind. Is it a big deal? Well, yes it is. Black Americans have fought this battle for so long, and are still fighting. And, it just seem like the battle is never going to end. Why would you treat me this way? I am an American Citizen too! Why are we not getting our full rights? And so on.... Yes, I do not totally disagree with a fellow when he said that, " we still see discrimination here and there....." Even though they may be right in some way, one thing the black American citizens need to know is that, this problem will live as long as they hold on to the mentality that they are been treated less, because with this mentality, they will view a normal reprimand as one directed due to discrimination,…

Achiever Mel. Your Thinking Process.

"Well, If I can see your thoughts and imaginations, I will know who you are and where you are heading in life"

            -Marrian Lemeh.
Happy mothers day! Our mothers show a true and deep love for us all! Let's celebrate them!

If  I came into this world, I must have been brought in through a mother.

If I survived, my mother must have played a major role.

If  I lived happily,  my mother must have contributed to that.

She gave a lot of time and years. Today is to celebrate her, but my love will remain for her all through my life!

Happy  mothers day!

Do not compromise.

Yes, the world is going through a global change. Indeed, we have seen positive outcomes, inevitable negative set-ins. The earth, being a constant that has watched the transition in men; it has indeed seen the wisdom and cowardice of men that lived in it, and is still viewing from a state of rest. From the onset of time, truth has established the world. Truth has led to the discoveries of things that existed, that was once unknown to us. And Truth had been patient enough to watch men as they try to understand things that existed before them and in the process, call it what they like. It has been patient till men came to the real understanding of their discoveries and amended their first misinterpretation. Truth, though powerful, teaches you ever so slowly and yet without an audible voice, speaks volumes. Even though truth is fundamental to all things, some men and women have decided to cut it to their satisfaction, and have denatured themselves, and hence created their versions of lif…

Never Give Up (Award Nominated Short Film) [Motivational Video]

Good morning people! Have you ever felt like giving up? Well you should know that it's only those who persist that knows that, great heights can not cost less as easy things do. You can make it. Just believe it.

film from

Capture That Films. Never give up ( Award Nominated Short Film) ( Motivational video.) online video clip. You Tube. You Tube 18, March, 2014. Web. 6, May, 2016.

Fall from within.

At some points in our lives,we have fallen, be it academically, socially, emotionally; a passive fall or a very serious kind, we have fallen at some point. And there goes this encouragement for us to rise, no matter what has caused us to fall, we are commanded, expected, encouraged to rise. This is because, mistakes are sometimes inevitable, and could lead us to perfection. As it is said, it is better to take the risk and be courageous in achieving our goals than not to take it at all. Yes we may fall, but with the right spirit, you are expected to rise. Even though falling and rising gives a positive picture, there are falls, those kinds from which rising would be difficult; their causes come from within, and not external.

To see us positively rise, it is hence very important to talk about this. When you fight hard to achieve your aim, day and night. when you give all you have to be who you know you are. And thanks to the set principals of life, yes, you are expected to get there b…

Would you say, 'love is easy to start?'

The role of starting a relationship was traditionally for the men, even if the ladies or women were first interested. Although today, the reverse is becoming the case, which is indeed a shame. Should I say that something had lead to this, that something had lead to women proposing to men? Well, I will not say that there is a single cause or that there are specific causes to this effect. We have also noticed that some men are shy when it comes to approaching a lady, and in the long run, may not do so. Also, some men or guys are fearless; fearless, even if the lady detests them. Even in the midst of this, should you say that love is easy to start? Just as I do not support generalizing, and not saying  'all' in most things, I would say, love may or may not be easy to start.

A very close friend of mine, said on his Facebook page, quoting him, ' love is easy to start, but is like war to end. The reason I quoted him is because I want to emphasis on the generality of his tone. I…

Freedom at its loose.

This one desire is cherished by everyone, every individual, small, great, even the little ones understand its value. You should be able to guess what this so desired thing is. Freedom, needs no definition, as it is able to define itself, it is the state of being free. It gives liberty to whom ever finds it or to whom it is granted. Even though freedom is looked at as a all round positive gain, it's product is directly dependent on whom it is granted. The gift of freedoom has brought about positive and more negative results today.

 Back in the ancient times when countries were yet taking its shape and evolving from kingdoms, trying to get their own identity, they fought for freedom. As the world advanced, we came to the  knowledge of the fact that authoritative governing can be fought against, but a government that will understand the rights of its citizens as humans as is required of life is upheld. In our homes today, the right to become who you want to become is given to differ…


Finding strength is very important, without which you may malfunction. It is required for each new levels in our life, it is required to be able to come out of misery. It is amazing how people easily fall into emotional distress easily. People tend to fear death less to be able to take their own lives, or intentionally get themselves to their point of death. Looking at the passive results of uncontrolled emotions, we find people who live miserable lives due to heavy mistakes, betrayal, or other negative past occurrences, even a disbelief in themselves. Such individuals can be found every where, and the strength for a prolonged life may come from you if you pay close attention to find such individuals.

Believe it or not, a word of encouragement, showing love to, or your care for someone could be the source of strength for that person at that time. Some individuals have decided not to go on with an irrational decisions that they planned to take due to the unexpected extra care of a fri…

Great America.

Great America.

 One of the things I have always talked about, be it directly or indirectly is relationships. Our daily lives, and how well it goes largely depend on how we relate to things, people, situations, our believes etc. With this in mind, let's not narrow our view of the word 'Relationship' to be a word dealing with how two different genders create intimacy between themselves. America is a country held up high due to the transitions it was made to pass through. The things that had happened to it in the past that has brought it to this present is not all pleasant. It is a country that went through challenges, challenges that if we tell other countries to pass through, they will politely back away from. This challenges has or is the main factor why this country has an open access to things, secrets of success hidden to other countries. No, I am not saying that problems bring success in all areas, but some problems that occur as challenges must be dealt with in order…

See a problem differently and get a different solution.

In our day to day lives, we are faced with problems, difficulties, and so many other issues. There have been different institutions established to help people with advanced and minor problems. I would like to tell you that the ability to solve problems is directly proportional to the way you see the problem and the resources you have.  Some people give up on a problem without trying at all to solve it, some try solving it with a different pattern from another person. Seven different individuals could bring seven different approach to solving one problem,  and hence get different results. The way you view a problem will determine how you will approach it.

With different personalities, nature, mentality, maturity, different solutions emerge. When we deal with relationship issues, family problems, we should as individuals, try to think of solutions not as it suits our personality, because it could be harsh to the other person involved. we should bring the positive and the negative possibl…