Would you say, 'love is easy to start?'

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The role of starting a relationship was traditionally for the men, even if the ladies or women were first interested. Although today, the reverse is becoming the case, which is indeed a shame. Should I say that something had lead to this, that something had lead to women proposing to men? Well, I will not say that there is a single cause or that there are specific causes to this effect. We have also noticed that some men are shy when it comes to approaching a lady, and in the long run, may not do so. Also, some men or guys are fearless; fearless, even if the lady detests them. Even in the midst of this, should you say that love is easy to start? Just as I do not support generalizing, and not saying  'all' in most things, I would say, love may or may not be easy to start.

A very close friend of mine, said on his Facebook page, quoting him, ' love is easy to start, but is like war to end. The reason I quoted him is because I want to emphasis on the generality of his tone. I have seen couples start easily and broke up easily, have seen couples start easily, and their breaking went tough, I have also seen couples start roughly and lasted forever, I have seen couples established in minutes and split in seconds. It is not about the breaking up, we do not rejoice in that. Let's look at the possibilities where relationships can be established easily. In most cases, the man in this scenario was very observant and observed to notice what the lady loves, her character, her happy time and more before approaching the lady or that the lady just loves him. It could also be that he has helped her through times of roughness and was there in times of need that lead her to respecting and understanding him. Also, he may portray her desired characteristics she values in a man, or may have what she likes.

Looking the opposite way, I take a step back to the past to recall this scenario with a friend of mine that was once an enemy, but now slightly close. I tagged him as that not because he was indeed an enemy but because of his manner of approach. He was not insulting, but was untamed. I would have given him some respect because I try to do so with every one even if I know my final answer. Manner of approach, undesired characters she finds in him, his lack of resources. Also, her internal and emotional turmoil, heart breaks she suffered, his insufficient qualities, her not being ready. All things could give rise to rejection from ladies, could make them say no.

Hence, I will urge us to be patient, have the right mentality and have a good and clean heart when approaching matters of this kind. Also, I will work on the section where I will talk about helping individuals ( mainly guys ) to overcome fear, shyness. It should be noted that I do not support certain things during courtship, as my values contradicts with those things. Let us try to observe, understand the person we intend to be close to, so as to know how to approach, hence making it a little easy to start a relationship.

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