Fall from within.

At some points in our lives,we have fallen, be it academically, socially, emotionally; a passive fall or a very serious kind, we have fallen at some point. And there goes this encouragement for us to rise, no matter what has caused us to fall, we are commanded, expected, encouraged to rise. This is because, mistakes are sometimes inevitable, and could lead us to perfection. As it is said, it is better to take the risk and be courageous in achieving our goals than not to take it at all. Yes we may fall, but with the right spirit, you are expected to rise. Even though falling and rising gives a positive picture, there are falls, those kinds from which rising would be difficult; their causes come from within, and not external.

To see us positively rise, it is hence very important to talk about this. When you fight hard to achieve your aim, day and night. when you give all you have to be who you know you are. And thanks to the set principals of life, yes, you are expected to get there by persistence and seeking help from the right sources. During the time or times of fulfillment, do not let those inward enemies to rise . Do not allow yourslf the pleasure of welcoming pride. Do not speak or act with a mindset of 'I am all'. Do not allow your imaginations that is suppose to help create and advance your future lag behind by dwelling in your current state of fulfillment. These are enemies because, the mind in connection with your imaginations will not be able to create or help you visualize more about your future but will relax to enjoy the present. Also, pride could set in, and you, may not be able to tolerate what you could endure before from your friends and family. You may find yourself seeking unnecessary respect and acting irrationally. We should not forget that the set principals of life are still at work. That is, from the onset of time, it is known that certain things are mandatory to happen to someone based on what that person has done. The times may vary for different people, but as it is said, you would have to reap what you have sown. No one will want to destroy what they have achieved. Hence, to still achieve more after coming to the full knowledge of who you really are, do not destroy it.

Also, some inward destructive behaviors could come to play if we, having achieved some things relent in taking seriously our new and increased roles. This form of device, Laziness and procrastination will bring our success to a halt. Do we think that as we come to the fulfilment of some of our goals we could relax? No, rarely will you find a greater height without  more and new responsibilities. and to get past that part of your life, you need more work. We should not only come to know who we are, but also strive to overcome the challenges and move forward. you could change the company you keep right now if necessary, or task yourself even more. You need not to be deceived. Your life is basically dependent on you and the actions you take.

Life here on earth is once. This once, I would say strive to know who you are, why you are here. I would say, do not let external factors define you, and also, do not let internal destructive behaviors bring you to a halt in life. Take control of them all. And most importantly seek God's help. I say this because some things can be beyond your control. Live right, you can not be positive while you engage yourself with the negatives. And finally, do not be a slave to fear.

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