The importance of communication in any relationship can never be over emphasized. Communication is so important so that our heart is not given away to assumptions. It should be known that roughly 80% of breaks in relationships are due to lack of effective communication, this happens when there are misunderstanding and a good platform is not made so that the individuals involved can address the issue with an open mind. Even though fulfilling your roles in a relationship is very important, if there is no effective communication the relationship could easily break because communication ensures that there is no assumption, it strengthens the bond between individuals in a relationship and it helps to ensure that feelings are understood.

When issues, problems arise in relationships, there is a tendency that the individuals involved will assume or make up stories in their mind if the real reasons for the problem is not communicated effectively to them by the other persons involved. There is a need to help eradicate or reduced assumptions in the mind of all those you involve yourself with in the various sections of life and most importantly those that are your love ones. This is needed because most times, assumptions are negative, even if your spouse knows you to some extent, he or she is prone to think negatively about you regarding the problem; that is the mistake people make. When a problem of cheating arises, and everyone knows that the spouse of this certain man is always seen with another man, even if the relationship between them is neutral, her spouse plus other observers will say she must have done something bad with the other man even if she did not. Hence, there is a need to communicate effectively.

If you communicate very well with those close to you, it helps to strengthen your relationship with them. And when you do not communicate due to pride, feelings of betrayal, lack of time or lack of a favourable medium that should enable the sharing of the real events, assumptions will build up in their minds and relationship will be very close to breaking or could be broken. Hence, communicating about every good experience to the negative ones will ensure understanding and increase the love that already exist. We should learn to take the initiative of talking about issues you feel could destroy your relationship even before a matter arises concerning that issue.

If you have a certain feeling of love, fear, hatred  for example, your love ones may not know or may not know to what degree your feelings are till you communicate it. If you have forgiven someone, a worker, your spouse for example, after a fight, they may still operate in a manner saying you have not forgiven them if you do not communicate your forgiveness to them. Indeed, to air our views and feelings, there is a need for effective communication. If we communicate our true feelings to our loved ones, it will position them properly on how to support, assist or relate with you.

Indeed, lack of effective communication could be a sign of decreased degree in bonds that has been holding a relationship. If there is no communication, there is basically no real relationship. If their is a problem, each of us should not give into pride, but take the initiative of communicating our views and real parts of the story that had led or contributed to the issue so that our relationship will be saved. There are other important things and qualities we need to have also, so that our communication and any repair in the relationship will not be in vain. We should add or create a favourable atmosphere that will enable us to communicate effectively and save our relationships.