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Voddie Baucham - Love and Marriage (Full Series:

I am so excited to introduce Voddie Baucham to you all. Trust me, everyone needs to hear what he has to say about Love and Marriage especially those intending to get married or planning to date. I have recommended his series a lot of times to many! He is good!

The Last Voice.

Now, let's assume you were right on a hot argument or after a long fight, silence broke out, and this silence from both sides was just an unconscious acknowledgment of you being right all this while. And then, you being in the spotlight, decided to re-emphasize your importance to them all, unknowing to you, pride sets in, and you unconsciously go beyond the topic in the bid to sell your  self importance to everyone; this is what I call the 'Last Voice'. Even though you may be thinking that, this scenario has nothing wrong with it, like, it's not bad to show off our self worth, I  will say that in this process, we should try to become careful, because if the level of pride we allow in us  is not controlled, fall, or falling will be the next phase, the relevant characters we have built could come crashing down before us, and our good aim to resolve issues could go unfinished. 
It is a known fact; even though it's process is rather slow, and could also come fast depe…