The Last Voice.

Now, let's assume you were right on a hot argument or after a long fight, silence broke out, and this silence from both sides was just an unconscious acknowledgment of you being right all this while. And then, you being in the spotlight, decided to re-emphasize your importance to them all, unknowing to you, pride sets in, and you unconsciously go beyond the topic in the bid to sell your  self importance to everyone; this is what I call the 'Last Voice'. Even though you may be thinking that, this scenario has nothing wrong with it, like, it's not bad to show off our self worth, I  will say that in this process, we should try to become careful, because if the level of pride we allow in us  is not controlled, fall, or falling will be the next phase, the relevant characters we have built could come crashing down before us, and our good aim to resolve issues could go unfinished. 

It is a known fact; even though it's process is rather slow, and could also come fast depending on what fate decides to do, that when pride kicks in, falling could follow.  In this case, talking about the last voice, here I refer to originally good individuals,  institutions, groups, etc.This individuals or groups did not have an initial intention of embarking on the rough roads of pride, that is, they did not intend to boost of anything they have or will acquire,  they have no intention of taking pride in anything at all that have made them the privileged, but they could not control it, they could not control the pride that sprang forth as a result of their hard earned work, or that the accusations on them were removed because they were found innocent,  hence after speaking their minds, they let their pride take its full course.

If we allow the last voice to go on speaking, it could sabotage in minutes what we have worked hard for in years. The initial stage of this destruction is of the character,  it destroys your character as you won't be able to control what you say, and hence, won't be able to account for them. Have you ever being in a situation where by you wished you could take back your words? Or wished to have used a different set of words instead of what you used earlier?  But you can not, and you can't resolve it and it goes on destroying your cherished relationships; be it within your home, private or a public affair. 

Our good aims to resolve issues could start and end with the words we utter,  those words ushered by pride. You may wish to continue,  but may not be able. When we are found worthy of praise as to, or pertaining to our good work, we should take care to watch out for words that tends to devalue others due to hurts that they have costs us in that past. If we don't take note of this,  it could be our last opportunity to be in that position.  This problem may make it hard to climb to the next phase of your project,  it is not about the people involved in the setting that triggers this, it is nature's cause.

Humility is key. It is what we should overtime learn to acquire. It is a tool not only needed as a solution for this problem, but is essential for success in life. Being humble doesn't mean weaknesses, neither does it mean that you should not fight for your right or worth, it means maintaining a natural respectful spirit in times of trial, lifting, difficulty, praise, heights, etc.