How songs affect Emotions.


Songs . Songs, the food for the soul, it is capable of giving strength when weak, it is a fuel, it gives inspiration, it penetrates even to the deepest part of you, it brings out your raw you from your inside. It is capable of speaking to you, it keeps you going, it teaches. There are so many effects of songs on the being. We will be speaking on the effects of songs in relationships, both the positive and the negative aspect of it.
THE POSITIVE ASPECT OF SONGS - Have you ever being fueled to action by songs? Yeah! People will testify with joy that instead of drugs, they have been able to face simple and complex issues head on, and won through the help of songs. When songs play in it’s fullness into your ears down to your soul, it feeds your spirit with the needed nutrients to get your physical needs or gives you resistance needed for fighting external adverse forces, and you find yourself doing easily things you wished to do but could not alone. Yes, you should know that songs can enhance relationships, even when a relationship is about to break up, some times songs can act as mediators. It also helps in uniting two people who desire for something new, like a relationship. It also acts as an adviser, coming to you with answers to your problems. It causes change through different means like encouraging or criticizing. In schools, it is used in teaching, etc. You see, songs act like forces that can not be overcome by internal and external forces; they lift you up, even to the mountain, capable of causing actions that are powerful.
THE NEGATIVE ASPECT OF SONGS- The most negative aspect of songs, take a look at this illustration, after a broken relationship, the two persons may secretly feel like coming back to their relationship, along the way, the songs they listened to by chance could be  songs saying   am happy to let you go, cos you keep hurting me, now I know my love is not for you…..’, you know what, ASSUMPTIONS will make both of them to keep off, It will fuel unnecessary hatred that is not suppose to be between them, which is induced by the kind of songs they listen to. Hence, they will further split apart. It is also used as a tool for criticism.
Songs are good, used as a tool to express emotions; even the deepest of emotions that words can’t fully express, also, songs may paint  pictures contrary from the reality, and may derail you, confusing you emotionally, remove assumptions, and face the facts squarely. Good luck.