The Effects Of Songs.


Songs, food for the soul, it is capable of giving strength when weak, it is a fuel, it gives inspirations, it penetrates even to the deepest part of the heart, it brings out the raw personalities from individuals. It is capable of speaking to the mind, it keeps one going, it teaches, it has the power to cause gradual destruction to individuals, the society or the nation as a whole. What ever result is derived from a song is dependant on the kind of song that is being listened to. Songs can play a trick on emotions, making one desire or detest something or someone else the more. Songs can be a reliable source of inspiration and motivation. Gospel songs that are sourced from God usually bring the presence of God to humans. Knowing that songs are a powerful tool because they speak directly to the soul, it is only reasonable to pay extra attention to the production of songs and the choices of songs to listen to. The devil also uses this medium tremendously. Listening to rather polluted songs can transform the state of mind of a Christian within minutes. This effect can last for about 10- 12 Minutes of listening or even linger longer. This little exposure can bring enormous change to the individual, this is because there are spirits accompanying songs. At least well-thought out songs can have this effect, not random organised songs.There are so many effects of songs on human beings. We will briefly be looking at the effects of songs on the mind, both the positive and the negative aspect of it.


Have you ever being fueled to action by songs? Yes! People will testify with joy that instead of drugs, they have been able to face simple and complex issues head on, and won, just through the help of songs. When songs play in its fullness into the mind down to the soul, it feeds the spirit with the needed nutrients so to say. It helps individuals to get physical, emotional, inspirational, motivational or spiritual need from the words or lyrics of the song. It gives one the strength needed for fighting external adverse forces ( this is especially true for Christian songs ), and hence, one finds the strength to do things he or she can not do alone. Also, we should know that songs can hold relationships, even when a relationship is about to break up. Sometimes, songs can act as mediators of peace. It helps to form relationships, it helps in maintaining patience for a dream, etc. It also pacifies the mind from some frustrations of life. It brings about change through different means, like encouraging or criticizing a particular system. In schools, it is used in teaching, etc. Songs act as forces of change that can not be defeated by internal and external factors, which excludes God's interventions, wise discipline and a few more. It lifts up, even to the mountains, capable of causing actions that are powerful.


 The negative aspect of songs. Songs can influence negatively, especially those with wrong messages. Songs can cause reoccurring feelings. For examples, they bring back dead memories that could lead to unreasonable actions. Songs can normalize and increase the spread of unclean thoughts. It can cause an unnecessary uproar. It can cause many serious damages in various ways, starting with moral destruction. Songs can even cause a prolonged parting between individuals in a relationship. This is because these individuals personalized the lyrics of some songs into their lives and did let go of reality, embracing assumptions. This is especially true in broken relations, marriages and friendships. It will fuel unnecessary hatred that is not supposed to be between the both parties involved, which is induced by the kind of songs they listen to. Hence, they will further split apart. It is also used as a tool for criticism.


Conclusively, Songs are good. They are essential for effective communication and learning of both moral and immoral behaviours. used as a tool to express emotions; even the deepest of emotions that words can’t fully express. Also, songs may paint pictures contrary from the reality and may derail individuals, confusing them emotionally. It is always good to remove assumptions and face the facts squarely, one way to achieve this is by making right choices in selecting songs to listen to.