Females; not less, but equal in worth. ( #stateofwomen)

In the beginning,  the first woman was made from the man and not with materials lesser in quality from that of the man, but from the man. Hence, we have the same materials but with an extra characteristics.  This characteristics in addition with what we have gotten from the man makes us very important,  yet we do not displace them in worth, neither do they displace us in worth. Worth itself says we are equally important,  no gender been less than the other. Even though the world from the onset of time had positioned women as less, we are correcting that in agreement with nature saying,  without us the human race is as good as gone. The women have paid all debts regarding being made first from men by  taking over and producing new men and women, and we are developers.

No one can stand and say that those who help to sustain life are in any way less. You see, men and women both play a vital role in ensuring that the human race is kept. Hence if you take away the females, the human race is doomed. Then why say women should be treated less. In rights we  should have same privilege, in opportunities, we should have same privilege,  in payment, we should have same privilege,  because we together with men ensured the existence of our race, no gender is less. We are not saying that men should not be bread winners, what we are saying is that, when we contribute in areas where men contribute equally,  we should be treated equally if we quality just as they did.

We all know that the first man played a role in our creation from the onset of time. Now nature is trying to teach us that we are equal, because irrespective of that fact, the women now have been given the role in ensuring the continuous existence of the men that once aided their creation. Hence, their gender that first aided our existence and our gender that aids their continuous existence, we are equally important, and should be treated equally. And this is achieved by giving us equal opportunities. Let us learn from nature, there is no argument here, and no respect is lost in this process.

We, the females, are developers. From the basic unit of the society,  from the family,  we ensure the smooth running of the home, like the men, directly or indirectly.  In the communities,  we are needed, and our wisdom establishes. In the society at large,  extending to the nations,  we have important roles to play.  The capacity of our brains is not less compared to that of the males. Our emotional character is not a disadvantage. Rather, our emotional character gives us an alert and sensitive nature, and we are able to discern what men can not. We have aided in the development of our various countries.  If we had not played our assumed roles as only house wifes, the men would not have gone far with their plans. Today, we have decided to stand in our true worth, in our totality, and we want to be awarded equally like the men are.

Sex or gender have never being a true standard measurement for worth. If we have decided to go the extra mile, it is because we can. We know we are equally important,  no compromising,  we hence demand equal rights,  privileges, payments and positions. We are who we are, we are the equal halves of men. We are women.