Let it go for a change ~ Black Americans.

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  This thing that has been in my heart.... It stayed there boiling. It was an observation, an observation that I did not know how to let out. But that day came..... and past. That day came when I was triggered to say my mind. Our professor led the discussion, and I had to say my mind. Is it a big deal? Well, yes it is. Black Americans have fought this battle for so long, and are still fighting. And, it just seem like the battle is never going to end. Why would you treat me this way? I am an American Citizen too! Why are we not getting our full rights? And so on.... Yes, I do not totally disagree with a fellow when he said that, " we still see discrimination here and there....." Even though they may be right in some way, one thing the black American citizens need to know is that, this problem will live as long as they hold on to the mentality that they are been treated less, because with this mentality, they will view a normal reprimand as one directed due to discrimination, and in the process continue to remind the whites that they are blacks, and it will be depressing.

  Using a scenario, in almost every family, a child or some children could be considered the best by other children because they do really well and mommy or daddy love them more than the rest. This mentality, could build up in the mind of those kids who think that they are not loved as much. This will definitely be disturbing as these kids will or may never perform well by looking down on themselves. Until they let go of this thought and strive to do better, be better, by seeing that the other kids are been praised because of their hard work, they may be forever doomed to demotion. Love yourself for who you are, color can not and has never been a measure of worth. By the time this beautiful creations know that they were been pronounced citizens and that they really have equal rights and quit remembering the past, then, then the black citizens will emerge in their true worth.

  The blacks constantly remind the whites that" I am black! AND THAT IS THE REASON YOU TREAT ME THIS WAY! EVEN IF THAT HAD NOT ACTUALLY CROSSED THE HEART OF THE WHITE AT THAT TIME. By indirectly reminding the whites this, they cause a recycle of what had been thrown into the bin. Really, if any black had worked hard, and walked into whatever place that held there promotion confidently, the chances are that they will get they request. This boils down again to my last post that, you are what you think, and will be treated the way you believe you are, because you will unconsciously act that way. So, let's help stop this recycling of the past.

  It is indeed depressing to be demoted, hence, let us help matters by not demoting ourselves first. If you truly know your worth, work in your worth irrespective of what. The surrounding does not define a person, it is the person that defines him or herself. When the surrounding is made to define a person, then doom is set at loose. We know how painful it had been. And I know it is high time we stop this for a better future!

Living has never been better than when you operate in the world you desire and be the person you truly are. When we do things in the right way, we get right results. Believe in positive change to be able to see it come. Remember, Color has never been a measuring tool for the worth of anything. If you live in self underestimation and pity, then you will be underestimated. Let's change the picture.

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