Testimonies of Christians.

Testimonies are powerful! For the lord said, " and they overcame him by the blood of the lamb andby the word of their testimonies". Let the spirit of the Lord take over as you listen to the goodness of the Lord in these lives.

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Minimal and excessive praise on man, it's effects.

Show me a man that doesn't love being praised for a good job well done, for his efforts, or for any other valuable sacrifice. Show me a woman, lady or a young child who would not crave for praises after doing a good thing, a thing worthy of praise? Of course, as humans, we love to be praised especially when we know we deserve it. This is so until we come to understand the other side of praises. Praises help to encourage, it helps in the act of appreciation, it helps when the worth of a person is to be shown, and so on, but it also washes away an important state of mind. It also slowly pulls down a person, and with the person being blind to its effects. This is especially true when the Praises gets excessive.

I must let you know that when you look at life, it should teach you that praises, especially when excessive should be dreaded. Why? There are two reasons.  Praises take away the real picture or true meaning of something from the giver of whatever the thing may be, by redirect…

The Unseen Determining the Seen.

" In the physical, there is an unseen, which is unseen but still determines the seen. A healthy interaction between the seen and unseen brings about a perfection in all things. This healthy relationship is exactly a relationship between you and the owner of both the seen and unseen" ~ Holy Spirit  ~  Marrian Lemeh.

It is a fact that the life we live have  solid unseens. It is even hence important to know that this unseen determines what we see or what you see. Look, in this, it is certain to know that people believe that they run their lives, and yes to some extent they do. The fact is the things you do and choices you make are directly or indirectly influenced by an unseen source that influence happenings, that in turn influences you. So, the unseen influences your thoughts and actions, they know the structure and morphology of life, and a healthy interaction between the seen ( you) and the unseen  ( them) yields a wonderful existence.

Imagine two expert brains, two  entre…

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Show off to throw off.

It is very interesting how most people do not even know about this, even though it is dated back to the beginning of time. This principle is a very simple one, it varies in its pace, as it can take its time to fully materialize or it can come to play immediately. It is important to know that this is one of the principles of life. Hence, I will say to you, ' show off '  to be  'thrown off '. What does this mean?  We all know the meaning of  'showing off ', right?  Right, It is a principle that when one consciously shows off, he or she, or they, are indirectly setting themselves to be 'thrown off '. This is because, it is a life principle, showing off makes one lose his or her complete control of rational thinking for that specified moment, and it increases the hunger for more unnecessary show offs along the line.

How many of you have seen a wrestler come into the ring with full aura of self might, and on entry, into half the minute for initial entry he …