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Divine Miracles

Become and remain outstanding by connecting constantly to the Divine source. And watch your life take shape with no or less struggles.

Happy weekend!

Marrian Lemeh.

In life, there's more.

In some points in our lives, we find ourselves focusing on some issues, allowing problems depress us, or succumbing to uncontrollable situations.  In either one of these we most times can not help ourselves.  The realisation of time wasted prompts some to say "life is too short to be wasted ...." and more. The question is, should one aspect of life make you forget or give less attention to other aspects of your life? Even though these problems that surface as mighty  can obstruct you in your course in life, other aspects of your life are very important and need attention just like the different specialization of cells in the body that work together to maintain you, if you magnify a problem  and focus on it, you will break down due to your neglect of the other areas of your life, you will lose focus and waste valuable time and opportunities. 
The rate of deaths caused by depression is on an increase. Depression could be caused by a variety of problems and when individuals ex…