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Fall from within.

At some points in our lives,we have fallen, be it academically, socially, emotionally; a passive fall or a very serious kind, we have fallen at some point. And there goes this encouragement for us to rise, no matter what has caused us to fall, we are commanded, expected, encouraged to rise. This is because, mistakes are sometimes inevitable, and could lead us to perfection. As it is said, it is better to take the risk and be courageous in achieving our goals than not to take it at all. Yes we may fall, but with the right spirit, you are expected to rise. Even though falling and rising gives a positive picture, there are falls, those kinds from which rising would be difficult; their causes come from within, and not external.

To see us positively rise, it is hence very important to talk about this. When you fight hard to achieve your aim, day and night. when you give all you have to be who you know you are. And thanks to the set principals of life, yes, you are expected to get there b…

Would you say, 'love is easy to start?'

The role of starting a relationship was traditionally for the men, even if the ladies or women were first interested. Although today, the reverse is becoming the case, which is indeed a shame. Should I say that something had lead to this, that something had lead to women proposing to men? Well, I will not say that there is a single cause or that there are specific causes to this effect. We have also noticed that some men are shy when it comes to approaching a lady, and in the long run, may not do so. Also, some men or guys are fearless; fearless, even if the lady detests them. Even in the midst of this, should you say that love is easy to start? Just as I do not support generalizing, and not saying  'all' in most things, I would say, love may or may not be easy to start.

A very close friend of mine, said on his Facebook page, quoting him, ' love is easy to start, but is like war to end. The reason I quoted him is because I want to emphasis on the generality of his tone. I…