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Achiever Mel on Divorce with Grace Onayiga.

Certified Family Nurse, Grace Onayiga discuses on how the youth and young adults view Divorce.

Achiever Mel on Divorce with Randy Guttenberger.

Behavioral Analyst and Author of 'Managing Your Crazy Self', discusses on why there has been an increase in divorce in the recent years.

Show off to throw off.

It is very interesting how most people do not even know about this, even though it is dated back to the beginning of time. This principle is a very simple one, it varies in its pace, as it can take its time to fully materialize or it can come to play immediately. It is important to know that this is one of the principles of life. Hence, I will say to you, ' show off '  to be  'thrown off '. What does this mean?  We all know the meaning of  'showing off ', right?  Right, It is a principle that when one consciously shows off, he or she, or they, are indirectly setting themselves to be 'thrown off '. This is because, it is a life principle, showing off makes one lose his or her complete control of rational thinking for that specified moment, and it increases the hunger for more unnecessary show offs along the line.

How many of you have seen a wrestler come into the ring with full aura of self might, and on entry, into half the minute for initial entry he …