Show off to throw off.

It is very interesting how most people do not even know about this, even though it is dated back to the beginning of time. This principle is a very simple one, it varies in its pace, as it can take its time to fully materialize or it can come to play immediately. It is important to know that this is one of the principles of life. Hence, I will say to you, ' show off '  to be  'thrown off '. What does this mean?  We all know the meaning of  'showing off ', right?  Right, It is a principle that when one consciously shows off, he or she, or they, are indirectly setting themselves to be 'thrown off '. This is because, it is a life principle, showing off makes one lose his or her complete control of rational thinking for that specified moment, and it increases the hunger for more unnecessary show offs along the line.

How many of you have seen a wrestler come into the ring with full aura of self might, and on entry, into half the minute for initial entry he is beaten down flat?  Or a student unnecessarily boosting about some skill and finds it difficult to fully show off  the skills he knew he had mastered the night before? Or a lady showing off her driving skills and suddenly caught up in an accident. The thing is, true worth or character doesn't need to be showed off, because they are readily seen without the efforts of the owner. This is one of the natural principles of life.

You may want to ask, how does this happen? The thing is, when one shows off, he or she, unknowing to them loses their complete control of their thought of caution that may be present when they are calm and alert of what they truly know as individuals. In this time of showing off, all their thought is to show to their crowd what they can actually do that they have not done before and it makes them MOVE IN A PACE TOO FAST FOR THEIR TOTAL  MENTAL AND THOUGHT CONTROL, that even if they felt that they have mastered the task, they fall immediately or gradually, and actually find themselves asking, 'what and why has this happened, I thought I had this'.

Another problem with showing off is that, it creates room for more show offs, that is, if the person eventually falls, he or she tries to find ways to defend what they have attempted to show off. If they had succeeded the first time, it creates more room for show offs as their crowd begins to rain down praises on them and actually rely on their newly acquired skills. It is somewhat proven by nature that when people show off, that skill or material has not been totally rooted in them, because it may be newly acquired. Hence, that could indicate the early use of the skill or show that the person is not totally matured to be able to handle his or her choice of words well to enable them be in total control of their thought, so as not to flaunt.

Showing off in itself is not all that bad, especially when it is minimal, or done unconsciously. The problem is that when it is done continuously and uncontrollably, it tends to cause the down fall of such person easily and sometimes rapidly. So, it is advise to talk more moderately about any thing that you may want to show off. This will enable you to be in full control of your thoughts as it gives you more room to think and coordinate yourself. Avoiding constant show offs, will help you to avoid unnecessary pride. Which in turn helps you not to fall suddenly.   Have a wonderful weekend!