Are You A Christian?

Listen, it is needful, overly needful to ask this exact question. Especially in this wonderful time and generation, in this time when water and oil mix very well. What am I saying? I simply asked are you a Christian? Approximately 97% percent of total Christians will tell me confidently that they are Christians, while they are actually the "saved, but unsaved".  Let me explain, when you received Christ as the Lord and Saviour of your life, you are automatically and invisibly but realistically transformed into a light, one part of the bible calls you salt, as salts. Now you are totally different from the world. Your association with the world will and should by default transform others. You are not anymore made to follow after the world or be shaped by them or like them.

Look, do a random survey on 90% 0f Christians in your community to find potentially harmful and unclean songs in the song lists on their phone. Even you, yourself, could be very guilty. You may want to ask, I have my right of choice. Look, the devil does not joke, he means business. These songs you listen to are not just ordinary, they have the power to transform your state of mind and being in split seconds, and make you do Christian unrelated things because the music comes with a familiar spirit. Then ask yourself, who is truly in control of me? Look, truth is, you yourself, you will no longer be in control of yourself once Christ is out and the devil is given room through unseemingly dangerous weapons of his. True Christian songs carry the Holy Spirit and without any doubt in anything I have said, demonic spirits are embedded in the music of the world.

Apart from celebrating and following world artists on social media, which most of the world artists can't do ( in following Christian artists), most Christians dress unruly. The world even now dictates for them how to dress. this is especially true for women and ladies, the youths. Listen, nothing has changed in the kingdom of darkness in the way they operate from the beginning, but, the church of God, who is supposed to be that have undergone multiple disastrous changes. In the times of old, the innermost temple of the Jews cannot be entered into by any other person apart from the priests, this is because God's presence is always there. Now, we are the temple and also bearing the innermost part of it, if we are not clean and disassociated from the world, then we do not bear the spirit of God.

It is most likely that if no change is made, Jesus will arrive to take only, and only a few indeed. Toying with the owner of everything for a defeated devil is not wise, especially when he is under you, but wants to deceitfully and manipulatively seem to be above you by controlling you.
The pain is not worth bearing in Hell, You will unfathomably appreciate a rightful U-turn in your ways when you make it to heaven. God never chooses who and who will go to Hell, He has room for everyone. It is humans who unknowingly choose that for themselves and give away their houses in heaven to another soul who gave grace the chance to lift him/her up.