The Source Of True Beauty ( Lifestyle and Relationships)

 Image source: Dove Models.

As serious as this is, it is almost disregarded, the consequence is rather threatening. What I am actually talking about is the indirect debate of the source of true beauty. Beauty is desired by all, admired by all, and at some point or in all points, employed by all! Beauty is positive, never connoting anything negative, now, that is where the problem lies. This is because our current society has bought the idea that beauty and all of it are sourced from physical adornment. There is one thing to be physically beautiful, and another thing to be internally beautiful. Having said that, I will quickly throw in that true beauty then is a combination of both the physical and internal ( character wise) beauty. Find out why I say this, and why having just one of these separate beauties is a tremendous problem in any relationship!

Relationships is an important and an inevitable part of life. When it comes to family relationships, the physical beauty is not totally of an importance, for example, the children to parents relationships, here, the physical beauty is not as important as the internal beauty ( character wise). No parent would end his or her relationship with their kids because of physical beauty. Nevertheless, they will, of course, ensure that their children are physically beautiful. This is similar to relationships between normal friends. In these cases, proper character is highlighted the more. We will focus on relationships between the opposite sex, who for example are dating, courting, or engaged. Actually, here is where the problem lies. If you want to separate these two beauty components and weigh them, the internal beauty is relatively more important and hard to attain or achieve. Unlike the family relationships and normal friendship bonds, the romantic relationship most times is based on or firstly built on the physical beauty. Because of this, the society is breaking down without control as most are unable to control it.

Having the two beauty component is important, but society should endeavor to base the foundation of its romantic affairs firstly on the internal beauty ( character wise). This is achievable if each individual picks up the task of working on his or her moral character regularly. Beauty without proper character is vain, and that physical beauty will not last, it will also not be able to hold a relationship longer. So, the combination of both physical and internal character is key to a good romantic relationship. It lays the foundation where every other important issue is taken care of, without which nothing is built.

Now let us practicalize this, starting with you, and knowing that it will not be so easy, but yet important, we can all build a better society. We all can stop the damage that is present right now. Letting everyone know that good moral character is more important in worth compared to physical beauty. We can all expect a society where true love can indeed be sought and found. Where long lasting relationships are built and faithfulness in marriages and relationships are achieved.