In life, there's more.

In some points in our lives, we find ourselves focusing on some issues, allowing problems depress us, or succumbing to uncontrollable situations.  In either one of these we most times can not help ourselves.  The realisation of time wasted prompts some to say "life is too short to be wasted ...." and more. The question is, should one aspect of life make you forget or give less attention to other aspects of your life? Even though these problems that surface as mighty  can obstruct you in your course in life, other aspects of your life are very important and need attention just like the different specialization of cells in the body that work together to maintain you, if you magnify a problem  and focus on it, you will break down due to your neglect of the other areas of your life, you will lose focus and waste valuable time and opportunities. 

The rate of deaths caused by depression is on an increase. Depression could be caused by a variety of problems and when individuals experiencing this give it more room in their minds it occupies their whole thought and will linger there till someone or something brings them out of the dark room and reminds them that there is light outside. Sometimes the magnitude of these depression is so great that people willfully take their own lives. According to Allaboutdepression.Com "Up to 15% of those who are clinically depressed die by suicide. In 1997, suicide was the 8th leading cause of death in the United States. 10.6 out of every 100,000 persons died by suicide. The total number of suicides was approximately 30,535." One fact I have found is that if those wanting to commit suicide were rescued and lived on, they will tell you that they are so happy to be alive and privileged, and that problem would matter less to them.  In this case, seeking the greater power that can mend issues in minutes, and restore things for you will be your one and only option, God, as men could be a flame to your problems. Hence, we see that focusing on a problem will make you neglect the rest of things in your life and even end you before you begin.

In life, we come across, set or get set into meeting demands, working out our projects, accomplishing our aims and goals, living up to our standards, set limits, and the actualization of our dreams and more. All these are good and require focus. When we lose our focus due to a problem, it comes to a temporary stop, and may transit to a permanent one. This is one of the reasons why some individuals never grow or miss it at some point. Another is, if a plan is left lying due to lack of focus, opportunities for it will keep flying and will not recognise it's existence.  That brings me to another aspect of the results of magnifying our problems. 

Opportunities are lost on a daily basis due to the fact that individuals miss its arrival when attending to some unworthy problems.  At least, at that time they are not worthy of attention because they only cause downfalls as they keep surfacing especially when a major victory is close by. That makes me what to say "watch that problem, it could have an aim." That is, distracting you from something very important.  And we so often don't know when opportunities are near, so we should live ready and try leaving our problems. 

How can we deal with problems quickly so that they do not take away our lives, our focus or opportunities? One way we can do this is by bringing our dreams for our future to our constant view. This should remind us of the future we so much desire and that there is urgent need to settle or leave the problem at hand. Another way is to associate ourselves with positive and loving family members and friends that knows about the issue and still encourage us to make it. Also, and most importantly,   this remedy never fails, you can trust me on this one, that God is always there when we call. He does not sleep and everything he had made has no choice but to obey his commands.  Reading and listening to  positive speakers can help too. You see, becoming who you desire to be is not all that easy. To be that person you were made to be, a lot will fight against you, but you need to know that a lot of powers are out there just to support you. These powers are your focus and determination, motivational powers, the God's spiritual power, self will to survive ( the power of self will, etc.) 
Have a great weekend.  Much love.