Finding strength is very important, without which you may malfunction. It is required for each new levels in our life, it is required to be able to come out of misery. It is amazing how people easily fall into emotional distress easily. People tend to fear death less to be able to take their own lives, or intentionally get themselves to their point of death. Looking at the passive results of uncontrolled emotions, we find people who live miserable lives due to heavy mistakes, betrayal, or other negative past occurrences, even a disbelief in themselves. Such individuals can be found every where, and the strength for a prolonged life may come from you if you pay close attention to find such individuals.

Believe it or not, a word of encouragement, showing love to, or your care for someone could be the source of strength for that person at that time. Some individuals have decided not to go on with an irrational decisions that they planned to take due to the unexpected extra care of a friend or a stranger. There are various source of strength for different kinds of people, when needed they run straight to it. To some, their emotions can't allow them think clearly as to look for strength in the trying times but are saved by the intervention of a special person.

The need for strength can also be seen when an individual is in need of encouragement. Without the help of some special  individuals, many dreams would die, achievements would have existed in imaginations and died in thoughts. We sometimes find ourselves in need of encouragement, in need of strength, directly or indirectly. In this times, any one that surfaced to our rescue will have a special place in our hearts.

I encourage you to pay more attention to those around you, your loved ones, your friends, colleagues at work, and to strangers also. You may become an angel to the hearts of many. Some unusual, but not threatening signs of depression could be a clue. Also, try not to forget requests of encouragement from loved ones you know that needs it. This things may appear small, but they have tremendous effects as they pile. Collectively, we can build the world we live in into a positive place.