Freedom at its loose.

This one desire is cherished by everyone, every individual, small, great, even the little ones understand its value. You should be able to guess what this so desired thing is. Freedom, needs no definition, as it is able to define itself, it is the state of being free. It gives liberty to whom ever finds it or to whom it is granted. Even though freedom is looked at as a all round positive gain, it's product is directly dependent on whom it is granted. The gift of freedoom has brought about positive and more negative results today.

 Back in the ancient times when countries were yet taking its shape and evolving from kingdoms, trying to get their own identity, they fought for freedom. As the world advanced, we came to the  knowledge of the fact that authoritative governing can be fought against, but a government that will understand the rights of its citizens as humans as is required of life is upheld. In our homes today, the right to become who you want to become is given to different members of the family with little or no pressure. Even the toddlers have their choice of what and where they feel like playing, and often fight for freedom in their little way.

Nevertheless, freedom is today to be blamed for most of the negative outcome of things around us. Freedom is not negative, it is purpose to stand as a positive gain to us, but it has been used to device, create and establish wrong things today. In a bus, I watched, not once or twice, people who unconsciously act in a weird way, yet they seem conscious. Getting into the bus, they can tell when they will come down, but in the short period of time they are in the bus, they move in a strange way and continue that way, they seem not to care about the people watching. The influence of drugs makes them unable to control themselves. Drugs makes people unable to control embarrassing  actions they could have been able to control. This is the choice and outcome of those individuals. Today,  wrong choices are backed by freedom rights and individuals force governments to constitutes negative laws. Today, some aspiring heads will throw away good virtues and announce their support for the choices of the people, even if this choices were purely wrong, and go on to constitute them. From the wrong choices due to freedom of individuals, it is extending to become laws, and soon the world may uphold wrong choices and ask for freedom to successfully execute them openly. Millions have lost their lives due to rights to  have guns in some countries. Abortion has been supported as a right in America due to the demand of its citizens, gay marriage is a right in some countries. Soon  drugs could become a legal right, prostitution could become a right soon also as wrongs are becoming right for some.

What is freedom and its desire doing to us today? Governments needs to understand that the reason why there is government in the first place is to set the right laws. If there is no government, then no law, and everyone will have all rights to any thing. Government should support rights that supports life and liberty for the right things. Today people fight to get an established law or rights to more negative things . And in turn the well established country and its achievement could be ruined gradually by the accumulation of negative freedom that has been granted, and its control may not be possible.  Hence in our various levels as heads, one main reason that makes us heads is to prevent the destruction of what is in our duty to protect. As individual, it is our duty to prevent ourselves from self ruin, we should not give ourselves all that we desire.This is the only way to prevent the doom that lies in the future. From the onset of time, the creator understood the importance of freedom, but he knew the end result of total freedom, so he made restrictions to save his work and effort from destruction by making commandments, because it is not every thing that is right.

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