Love and it's many faces.

Love, a major topic. Yes, Love is a major topic everywhere, some have misconceptions about it, some paint it the way they want, some design it to what fits them. All and the same, Love is one, yet with different faces. Love, has only one name, but reveals itself in different areas. It is found in the impeccable string that binds us with our creator, that, described as the ultimate love, it is found in the romantic ties, it is found in the bounds between friends, it is found in the undying intricate hold between a mother and a child, yeah the dads are unjustly considered passive in this area.

So, how would you define love. Yet, I would say love has not been given a perfect definition if it has all this faces yet one name. This is because, this different areas are largely unique. Would I have the definition to it then? I am more than certain to say that God is Love, because that is what the bible says. This doesn't include the rest of the earthy attachment kind of feeling. Then, the bible is describing another kind of love, maybe that is actually what should be called love, and the different kinds we feel could be given a separate name. Nevertheless, the bible says, 'Love one another', that is, the way God loves. Most of the earthy love is conditional, with a huge exceptional difference to the mother to child love.

Most enter a romantic relationship with the fantasy that there will never arise a passive feeling that could lead to a split. Now, the world has indeed learned that love must go with a commitment to be able to sustain any relationship. If two in a romantic relationship can find it passive later, is that then love? Or is it the commitment that makes it bind? Love on it's own does not suggest an end in itself. Hence, we must have commitment with affection in this area to make it work.

Friends find themselves in ties that brightens the length of their days, if and only if this friends are true, loyal and gifts in themselves. Yet, sometimes, Jealousy arises and no one is to be trusted. I tell you, some people at the end become good friends indeed  even if we are not to trust anyone. This happens most times if we trust only God who is able to guide their (our so called friends) hearts to work in favor of us and us in favor of them, if not, it may not work because the principal of trusting has already been set. It is just enough to believe that our friends have good will in their heart for us, not for us to trust them. I say this because it has been found that if we trust any, it would't take long before they fail. This could be direct or indirect as most of them will try all their best to stay true or keep their words or promises which could be passive or somewhat serious.

The mother and child love is a blessing, it is a blessing to guide, to care to persevere in hard times naturally. This love has most of the time being found to be true. Irrespective of this, caution should be taken as most mothers have given strong love that is in it's true worth weak. This kind of love can be likened to the kind that spoils and misleads, the kind that allows everything and will not be able to save the young in the time of need because wisdom, knowledge was lacking.

I hence would say that as we all see all this different areas as love, we should take note that in all, most of this faces of love, (except one, God's) have one or more faults or weakness, imperfections that does not qualify them to be termed love which they are called. This is because Love suggests in itself  a perfection. Then, the question is, the earthy love description we know, are they some how a lessened kind of love? Nevertheless, we are instructed to love one another in the only one perfect love.