The Unseen Determining the Seen.

" In the physical, there is an unseen, which is unseen but still determines the seen. A healthy interaction between the seen and unseen brings about a perfection in all things. This healthy relationship is exactly a relationship between you and the owner of both the seen and unseen" ~ Holy Spirit  ~  Marrian Lemeh.

It is a fact that the life we live have  solid unseens. It is even hence important to know that this unseen determines what we see or what you see. Look, in this, it is certain to know that people believe that they run their lives, and yes to some extent they do. The fact is the things you do and choices you make are directly or indirectly influenced by an unseen source that influence happenings, that in turn influences you. So, the unseen influences your thoughts and actions, they know the structure and morphology of life, and a healthy interaction between the seen ( you) and the unseen  ( them) yields a wonderful existence.

Imagine two expert brains, two  entrepreneurs working on a new innovation,  one prefers some wonderful features to be on this new life saving device, the other says he prefers an entirely new feature instead of the one proposed by his partner, and there is a rivary between the two. If in the process of testing the effectiveness of this device as its construction is still in progress, and it is tested on some patients that are hopeless and venerable to death at anytime, just to see if its new features will work or will need modification. You should know that just like those patients, whose lives are directly dependant on those two entrepreneurs who are constant rivals,  and the patient's decision  to  listen to  a  particular entrepreneur, probably the one who brought the invention to life, is very important; our lives are constantly faced with listening to one unseen source or the other rival, that is also unseen. In the case of the world, there is only two unseen powers. One is an embodiment of a single but complex undivided trinity, and the other is a weak form of power, but enormously  divided into many forms, but yet one source ( the deceit of many gods). The former started an invention, and is running it successfully with control till today. The latter tries  unsuccessfully to gain absolute power even until the end of this world without prevailing. Nonetheless, this two unseen have caused effects that has influenced our decision knowingly or unknowingly till today.

This two unseen powers, that have actually walked  on this earth understand the morphology of this world.  Being the invention of the ultimate creator, that is unseen and yet sovereign  ( Jehovah), he fully understand the structure of everything that is happening, that will happen and that has happened. He even explains why life has its behaviours. He trained  life with the qualities it has, hence, life responses as it ought to.  The ultimate unseen creator influences those that what's to live another life after this life and death.  He has created another invention for them, a new life.  His influence is beyond comprehension to all that exist, but yet, he does not force, after all, it's not all that will take part in that new invention, as it's not all that even fully understands. The other unseen only tries to steal, destroy  the  work of the ultimate creator. You should note that he can not and you should note that the ultimate creator (Jehovah) created this other unseen weak form of  power, actually, he created everything. The weak unseen power, being a spirit also rebelled against the ultimate unseen creator.

So, it should be noted that a healthy relationship with the owner of both the seen ( you and life) and the unseen ( other spiritual powers)  would certainly place you at an uncountable advantage.  If you need to understand more about him, or the other weaker unseen power, or the morphology of life, or even the beginning or a glimpse of the end, refer to the Bible.  Seeking and communing with the ultimate creator is possible and will save you forever. This relationship will repair many broken parts of life that cannot be repaired in the lives of anyone. If life got its existence from him, he is the most important Spirit worth knowing. He speaks and answers, he is alive, he is real, he is unseen by us now, but will be seen by us later in his new life he is about to introduce.  He considers himself a father, and you know what?  He is a father to all that call on him.

Have a week full of deeper understanding.
~ Holy Spirit.
~ Marrian  Lemeh.