Minimal and excessive praise on man, it's effects.

Show me a man that doesn't love being praised for a good job well done, for his efforts, or for any other valuable sacrifice. Show me a woman, lady or a young child who would not crave for praises after doing a good thing, a thing worthy of praise? Of course, as humans, we love to be praised especially when we know we deserve it. This is so until we come to understand the other side of praises. Praises help to encourage, it helps in the act of appreciation, it helps when the worth of a person is to be shown, and so on, but it also washes away an important state of mind. It also slowly pulls down a person, and with the person being blind to its effects. This is especially true when the Praises gets excessive.

I must let you know that when you look at life, it should teach you that praises, especially when excessive should be dreaded. Why? There are two reasons.  Praises take away the real picture or true meaning of something from the giver of whatever the thing may be, by redirecting his or her mind from the important thing already started. In other words, it blindingly destroys the true zeal that is responsible for an achievement, by making the achiever chase after praises instead, that alone can gradually destroy the work that has been started. To people who have understood this directly or indirectly, they try to avoid Praises when it comes to being able to concentrate fully.  An example is, imagine you started a big project you have always been dreaming of, this project has so many lives depending on it, and you are like the rescue to many. So far you have been doing good in helping lives. Along the journey, important folks start gathering around you as friends and in an effort to appreciate you on your good works so far, they start praising your work, this initial praise could be likened to the minimal praise, that is the encouragement. With time, and with more praises  ( excessive and unnecessary praises), you find yourself unable to be fully happy if you don't get the usual praises when you do the usual things you do. Now your passion has shifted from your main passion that had driven your project to satisfy people to get their praises. And in this way, compromising on things that you probably wouldn't compromise on could be very possible, as long as it gives you praises. Hence, shifting the main purpose and destroying a valuable genuine pursuit.

We must know that as humans, battling with imperfection, and trying to concentrate and focus on the goal, praises will be an enemy, because when it comes, it decreases your focus and concentration on the real things, hence increasing your imperfections. When you depend on it and don't get it, it destabilizes you and you lose the little you have. And if you are a Christian, you know that the Bible warns that you don't glory in yourself. But only in God who do not need to be perfected because he is totally perfect in all things. When you crave for praise, you, as the bible puts it, you glory in yourself, that is, seek your own glory. Which in this way will one day fail you. It should be noted that this is one of the life's principles.

Hence, to be wise, and learn as life points out these things, it's wise to help yourself and flee from praises. I tell you, excessive of it does no good. It will become an addition and when you don't get it, it will hit you down and destroy whatever is left if you do not get urgent help.
Without needing praises, the good purpose or reason of the good work you do should be your only driving force to move on triumphantly and maturely. Enjoy your week!